Worlds is over and we're already back into the grind. I had a great time at Nashville and it was a memorable experience. So, I want to go over my worlds tournament report and talk about two decks that I have been heavily testing for the new format in Rayquaza GX and Zoroark/Lycanroc.

For Worlds, I did not overthink my deck choice and went with Buzzwole/Lycanroc because the deck tested very well for me. I also went with it because the deck did not tie very much compared to Zoroark decks. This ended up being true since I only had one match go to time the entire weekend. I had decided on my deck about four or five days in advance which helped stop me from making a last minute or day before deck decision. I really just wanted to focus on consistency so I could play as many games as I could.

My list was very simple, ordinary and consistent. I went with no Field Blower because I would have had to run two copies to make it work. Finding two cards to cut for Blower was hard and probably would have made the deck a bit worse. I went with four Max Elixir and two Beast Ring to put further emphasis on consistency. I really disliked opening Beast Ring so I upped the Elixir count to be more aggressive. The four elixir also complimented Lycanroc well since Claw Slash became a much better attack in the metagame.

My Day One match-ups:

R1 Buzzroc WW
R2 Rayquaza WW
R3 BuzzGarb/Shrine WW
R4 Zoro/Garb LWL
R5 BuzzGarb Shrine LWL
R6 Buzzroc WW
R7 BuzzGarb Shrine WLW
R8 Buzzroc WW

I started of well going 3-0 then took two straight narrow losses to put me at 3-2. It felt bad during that stretch, but I just took it one game at a time. After that, I won three straight to overcome my bad beat and made day two which was exciting for me. I’ve had day two invites in the previous three seasons and it felt great to fulfill a new challenge by earning day two through day one.
For the next day, I was thinking over my deck decision and was wondering if I should switch to Zoroark/Garbodor. It was a deck I was testing extensively and I knew I could pilot it well. I built it as a second option and sleeved it up just in case I wanted to play it. Right before I went to sleep I wrote out the same Buzzroc list from day one. That morning, two minutes before the player meeting, I added Zygarde EX to the deck because a lot of others told me it would be great for the metagame. I ended up cutting the second Octillery because there was not really any other cut that made sense. I went for a more greedy cut since I knew I  would need some luck to do well in this tournament. In the end, Zygarde EX was great for the tournament and I am glad I ended up running it.

My Day Two match-ups:

Magnezone LL
Zoro/Garb LWL
Zoro/Garb WW
Buzzroc/Shrine WW
Banette/Garb LL
Buzzroc WLW


I started off day two pretty poorly with two straight losses. It was frustrating bricking versus Magnezone since I knew I could beat it if I could play draw supporters. I then lost to Stephane Ivanoff who is a master at playing Zoro/Garb. His counter Catcher got me in our set and he was just excellent at piloting his deck. After an 0-2 start, I rallied back to 3-2 feeling hopeful that if I went 4-2-1 or 5-2 I could get some prizes. Round 6 I played against Rahul Reddy and both games I had control until I lost to the Garbotoxin/ N combination and could not close either game out. It was a little disheartening, but those games were pretty much outside of my control. After my 3rd loss, I knew I was pretty much out of the running for getting prizes.

Looking back, I feel like I did the best I could and I don't regret my deck decision. It did kind of sting to miss Top 32, but I had a great time regardless. Making day two gave me more confidence and I can still make myself better as a player by reflecting on this weekend. World's was also incredibly fun and hanging out with everybody was what really made the weekend worth it.


Looking on this to new format, we're going to see a major shift in how decks are built. Losing Sycamore, N and Octillery will shift how decks are built. With Sycamore being rotated, decks cannot be as aggressive or dig so hard. With N being gone, we have to play cards like Judge and Marshadow SLG for disruption. Also, attacks like Magical ribbon and Algorithm GX and Supporters like Steven’s resolve become more powerful since there is no N in the format. Decks will not have the same consistency with Octillery being gone. Along the same line, the loss of Float Stone is actually going hurt a lot of decks such as Buzz Roc and Malamar.
I also love that Garbotoxin and Parallel city are gone. I’ve always felt like Parallel city was too broken and killed a lot of Archetypes. The same goes for Garbotoxin, the card was just ridiculous and was too broken with its main partner Trashalanche. I feel like with these two cards rotating, we will see a lot more archetypes rise. We already seeing decks like Gardevoir and Metagross resurging.

Here are the following decks that I think are going to be relevant in the upcoming format:

Malamar Straight
Ultra Necrozma/Malamar
Tapu Bulu/Vikavolt

Now, I'm not sure if all of these decks are good and this list should slim down as the format evolves and we see which of these decks are good. Zoroark is still going to be really strong because of its inherent consistency and flexibility and I feel like Zoroark will probably good until it gets rotated. Decks like Metagross, Gardevoir/Sylveon and Vikavolt are a lot stronger now that the cards that harmed them are gone. I think Buzzwole/Lycanroc is still relevant, but the rotation did hurt it a lot. Malamar will be a very good deck since it can played in so many different ways and has good consistency thanks to Mysterious Treasure. Also, with Parallel and Toxin rotating, it will have a lot more freedom to do whatever it wants. I also think that Bulu decks will pop up again since it pretty much only lost Sycamore and the deck can replace Skyla with Volkner.

Rayquaza GX

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