Hey, readers! It’s Kian, back with some ideas for the new format. I’ve already logged a decent amount of games with different variants of decks, but now this format has been shaken up a bit with the inclusion of Team Up. Lightning decks acquired incredible support. Jirachi is a very good card and should be good for a while, like Zoroark GX and Tapu Lele GX. Additionally, Tag Teams have been introduced, which adds a different dynamic to the game.

This new set is not as great as Lost Thunder but I would say it is a pretty good set, with all these new Tag Team Pokemon adding a new element to the game. A lot of them are very powerful, but they do come with a hefty, three prize cost, however. My prediction is that they won’t be too impactful, since decks like Malamar and Blacephalon continue to see play. These can easily knock them out because of their high damage output. Pikachu and Zekrom GX will probably see a lot of play since it has the great Lightning support in Standard. If you haven’t already done so, give Michael Catron’s latest article a read. I feel like that deck is going to be a strong contender.

III. Possible Inclusions


The first decks I tried were Zapdos variants. I saw numerous versions of this deck with Jolteon, Ninetales, Shrine and other variations. The deck can be played in a number of different ways capitalizing on the strongest aspects of Zapdos in its consistency and versatility. Jirachi and Volkner help set up the deck early game. Jirachi is very similar to Zoroark in the sense that you amass large quantities of cards in your hand. This aspects gives the deck a lot of options like using repeated Guzmas and accumulating Electropowers. To me, Zapdos is going to be a tier one deck for the foreseeable future.

The variant that I have been liking the most is a tool box version with Jolteon GX and Tapu Koko GX.

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