What’s going on Some1spc readers! This is Israel back again with another article and today I will be talking about two decks that would be good options for the remaining League Cups until the new set is released. I will also be discussing my experience and opinions about the team stages at Memphis Regionals.

I. London quick report
II. Memphis
III. Silvally
IV. Ninetales
V. Matchups
VI. Conclusion


I ended up choosing Silvally for this event since it showed a lot of potential in testing and was my best option to deal with the Gardy hype. Before I go over the quick report, I want to give huge thanks to Russell for bailing me out of a situation in Sweden and helping me get to London on time to compete. Everything was going extremely smooth until my girlfriend mentioned the dates on our flights. We realized that we booked the wrong date and unfortunately, we have to book a whole new flight. We didn't get to London until 11:30 pm on Thursday. Once we got through customs we barely made the last train to the London Victoria. We then get stuck in London Victoria for about one and a half hours due to Uber issues and a lack of cellphone signal until eventually, we get to the Airbnb around 2:30 almost 3:00 am. Then five minutes into it my buddy mentions something about the bed and I saw that his arms were full of bites. I dashed to the bedroom and found bed bugs. It took me 45 minutes to clean the beds and finally fall asleep after a couple games of cards around 5:30 am. I didn't wake up until 7:30 am and took an Uber to get to the convention with just enough time to register before I get a Round 1 loss. So it was a rough 24 hours but now onto the tournament:

Day 1

Round 1 Volcanion WLW

Round 2 Golisopod garb LL

Round 3 Volcanion LWW

Round 4 Volcanion LWW

Round 5 Buzzwole garb LWW

Round 6 Drampa Garb WLW

Round 7 Buzzwole Lycanroc LL

Round 8 Lurantis Bulu LWW

Round 9 Golisopod Octillery WLW


Day 2

Round 10 Gardevoir WW

Round 11 Buzzwole Zoroark Decidueye LWW

Round 12 Volcanion WLL

Round 13 Buzzwole Lycanroc LL

Round 14 Zoroark Decidueye LL


I ended up in 22nd place at this event and was disappointed that I was unable to finish strong on Day 2 after a 2-0 start. So going to Memphis I had to find a way to beat Buzzwole/Lycanroc since it gave me the most trouble in London and while testing for Memphis I was trying so many different techs and different strategies to approach that matchup and nothing was showing any improvement. The fun tournament that the teams played at Memphis gave me some great ideas about what to play for the main event.


Right after the team tournament, we went to grab some food and when we got back I had the biggest migraine I’ve had since Nats. So, unfortunately, I couldn't test anything else like double Mewtwo or adding Giratina. So I slept through the night and woke up at 7:35 to decide what to add into my list and turn it in through the online submission.

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