With Sheffield behind us, we’re down to one event remaining between now and the North American Internation Championship. The metagame has continued to develop in unexpected ways, with Zoroark decks reigning over the competition this past weekend and Buzzwole taking a serious hit in terms of success. Malamar remained a well-represented archetype, but it seems relegated to the same space in the metagame of almost-but-not-quite as good as Zoroark and Buzzwole. Whether it climbs out of this rut has yet to be seen, but the metagame is far from stale in the meantime.

Before Madison, I spent a huge chunk of time grinding out games with the top decks. Since then, I’ve stepped back a bit and tried to find a deck that exists outside the metagame but could still be very powerful. In the process, I’ve tested far more bad ideas than good ones, but a couple have been hits. Of them, Zoroark/Weavile is the one that I believe has the greatest potential at the moment, and for that reason, I’ll be breaking the deck down in this article. Without further delay, here is my current base list for the deck:

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