Hello readers, my name is Michael Catron and this is my first article for Some1sPC. With the release of Team Up growing closer and Australian Intercontinentals right around the corner, the standard meta is in a very awkward spot. Pre-Team Up we saw a meta dominated by Malamar and Zoroark/Decidueye, but I don’t think these decks necessarily have the tools to handle the new Tag Team Pokemon.

Magikarp/Wailord Tag Team was the first legal Tag Team and was able to see play at the Dallas Regional Championships a few weeks ago. We saw Magikarp/Wailord absolutely dominate Dallas, which peaked my interest in trying out some of the other Tag Teams that will be released in Team Up. Specifically Zekrom/Pikachu Tag Team.

Zekrom/Pikachu has a lot going for it as a card in general. Its Lightning typing gives it access to cards such as Electropower, which will allow for some huge one hit KOs, it also has access to Thunder Mountain Prism Star and Zeraora GX, which allow the deck to have a very smooth flow and be able to stream attackers very easily.

Zekrom/Pikachu’s attack costs 3 Lightning energy, which might seem hard to set up in a timely manner, but with Thunder Mountain Prism Star, Tapu Koko Prism Star, Energy Switch and Lisia you should be up and attacking on turn two.  Once you have your first Zekrom/Pikachu attacking, you are going to want to use its attack to power up a benched Zekrom so you have multiple attackers ready to go. Your game plan in most matchups is to KO 3 GX Pokemon using Zekroms to power each other up and eventually use your GX attack to KO their active and hopefully a Tapu Lele GX they benched earlier in the game.
Here is the list I have been working with:

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