How’s it hanging, my fellow Pokémon peeps? It’s Le Bui here, bringing you another Some1sPC article as we approach the end of June. With the release of Unbroken Bonds came a variety of new and powerful cards that have taken the Standard format by storm.

With strong Fire support cards such as Welder, Fiery Flint, and Fire Crystal, it seems like ReshiZard may be the deck to beat in the Standard format. With all the ReshiZard and Stall decks running around, this is why I strongly believe Quagsire/Naganadel (NagQuag) has a realistic chance to compete in the Standard Meta. Quagsire’s “Wash Out” Ability allows you to move as many Water Energy from your Benched Pokémon to your Active as you like, while Naganadel’s “Charging Up” Ability attaches an Energy from the Discard to itself. Quagsire’s “Hydro Pump” attack does 60 damage plus another 20 for each Water Energy attached to it, which means it could easily one-shot a fresh Reshiram & Charizard-GX with four Water Energy. Since NagQuag is primarily a one-prize attacker deck, you force your opponents to take six separate knockouts to win the game, which can be difficult if their deck is heavily focused on GX Pokémon. If they are forced to attack you with a regular GX or Tag Team GX Pokémon, it swings the prize trade in your favor, since you are only giving up one prize at a time.

To be completely honest, I was not always a fan of the Quagsire/Naganadel deck. I considered it to be the “Greninja” of the format because you usually had to allow your opponent to take easy prizes at first before you got fully set up. I remembered my friend and testing partner, Drue Townsend showing the deck to me a couple of months ago, and although I thought the concept was cool, I didn’t think it had a chance to be truly competitive. Needless to say, Drue along with Luke Gjerde (who finished in 17th place at Santa Clara Regionals with the deck) slowly turned me into a believer of the Quag.

With North American Internationals coming up, I will go over the ins-and-outs of the Quagsire/Naganadel deck, and give deep insight as to why it is a formidable play for one of the biggest events of the season.

I.Explanations for Specific Card Choices
II.Possible Inclusions
III. Matchups

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