Video: M Scizor Skeleton


In this video we discuss the standard approach we take when building a Mega deck in the Pokémon TCG. We extract all the tech and clutter and give you the bare necessities you’ll need to make the deck work. We then go over the tech that would be great to use, but we want you to make the decisions and build the deck from there! Check out the Skeleton List below and watch to video to help you fill in the gaps!

M Scizor-EX Skeleton
4 Scizor-EX
3 M Scizor-EX
1 Hoopa-EX
2 Shaymin-EX
4 Sycamore
2 N
2 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball
4 VS Seeker
4 Spirit Link
3 Trainers’ Mail
2 Float Stone
1 Super Rod
10 Metal Energy Pokémon


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