Welcome back, Some1sPC! Jeremy here with my thoughts on Anaheim Regionals and a look forward to how things are shaping up for Dallas. When prepping for a tournament with a new set thrown in there the wheels start turning. Sometimes, the wheels go off the bus and you crash into a pile of Meganium and cannot get out from under the mediocrity. I spent quite a bit of time trying to come up with a fun and creative deck that utilized some of the new cards from Lost Thunder. The Expanded format is getting bigger and bigger with each new expansion coming out and yet, we see not only the same deck, but the same person as well taking down the tournament. Jimmy Pendarvis is on a godlike run akin to the 3-time International Champion, Tord Reklev. Picking up now two wins in Expanded with a third tournament utilizing the same format on the horizon, the story of the true narrative going through to Dallas is, “Why has Zoroark GX been so dominant?” In this article, I’m going over what I played in Anaheim, the different choices in the three popular Zoroark GX variants, and what you can expect going forward to Dallas.


I.Meganium/6 Corners
Rayquaza GX/Ho-Oh EX
III.The State of Zoroark GX Heading Into Dallas


Meganium/6 Corners

As I stated previously, I fell onto a pile of Meganium trash and thus shunted my own testing for two weeks trying to break Alolan Ninetales GX or Meganium in Expanded. Granted, I did always have a few options to fall back on: ShockLock, Zoroark GX/Golisopod GX, and Rayquaza GX/ Ho-Oh EX. I’ll share with you the brainchild of my friend, Danny and I:

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