What's up, Some1sPC readers! I'm back with another article, with more to come soon as the season kicks into high gear! I haven't played that much this season due to a lack of events on the West coast and the uncertainty behind the invite structure but I'm back in full swing now. With the current outlook on the invite structure and upcoming events, I should be able to write consistently and give my best possible content as I chase another invite to the World Championships! In this article, I'm going to prepare you guys as much as possible for Anaheim Regionals and the upcoming Expanded format featuring the newest set, Lost Thunder. I'll go over my 19th place run at Portland Regionals and then transition to covering all the viable decks for winning the tournament. I'm going to try to touch on the majority of the decks in the format, as I've tested most of the viable archetypes. Enjoy!

Banette Garbodor

Pokémon (18)

Trainers (32)

Portland Regionals and Banette Garbodor's Future

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