Hey, everyone, I am extremely excited to finally have not one new set but two new sets to mix up this very stale format that we have been playing in lately! Getting two sets within a span of a month of each other is going to be excellent for this game especially with a big tournament like the EU Intercontinental coming up in London. I think with the release of Shining Legends we will finally be able to pay less attention to Garbodor and pay more attention to the decks that are a little bit more enjoyable to play. Raichu GX is one of those decks that I find very fun to play for League Cups and potentially big tournaments. In this article, I will have four different Raichu lists that all take a different approach to the brand new deck. Lightning has always been a type that has a lot of support surrounding it but has not received an excellent main attacker until the printing of Raichu GX.

Raichu GX

When we look at this card it is obvious that it will be a decent card thanks to our experience with Darkrai EX and how dominating that deck was for half a season. Raichu’s Powerful Spark does 20 damage plus 20 for each Lightning Energy that you have in play. The disadvantage we have with Raichu compared to Darkrai is that we cannot make use of a card like Max Elixir to accelerate those energies to Raichu. The advantages we have though are that it has 210 HP and a second attack that can actually be relevant against every matchup. Thunder does 160 for two Lightning and one Colorless energy and you deal 30 damage to yourself. This attack is used more towards the end of the game when we let's say our opponent has removed some of our energies and we cannot one shot anything. Guzma up a Lele and being able to one shot it with a Choice Banded Raichu can quickly close out a game.

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