A new set being released right before Worlds has always been typical since 2016. This year is very different now that the rotation is enforced at the World Championships. It's a new and exciting change to shake things up from the previous norms. We’d normally have a format to go off of, but using Worlds as the first tournament for rotation is wild. It’s funny to me cards such as Buzzwole GX and Zoroark GX got to play in one World Championship, but I'm glad Guzma and Let Loose Marshadow are finally gone.

I.Thoughts on the format so far
II.Blacephalon GX
III. Matchups


Thoughts on the format so far

My thought process for far this format has been, "Consistency." There is more than enough draw and Pokemon support in this format. Between Cynthia, Lillie, Erika’s Hospitality , Acro and Pokegear. Decks will have enough draw consistency. Jirachi and Dedenne GX will be staples in most decks as Pokemon support goes. The glaring aspect to me is the lack of Pokemon search. I'm not sure if losing Nest and Ultra ball was a good thing for the format. I do not think it is fair that certain types like Psychic and Lightning get to use their own customized search cards in Mysterious Treasure and Electromagnetic Radar. GX Pokemon have a consistency advantage with Cherish Ball. I think certain decks will not be able to keep up since using cards like Pokemon Fan Club and Professor Elm's are too hard and slow to use. 

I think a lot of the previous archetypes are still good. Pikarom will still be a tier 1 deck. Blacephalon GX did not lose much and has a lot of consistency cards to work with. Reshizard still has a lot of fire support to work with. 

In this article, I'm going to revisit decks that are not new in Blacephalon GX and Malamar. These decks are still strong since they have reliable consistency and did not get hit by the rotation like other decks.

Blacephalon GX

This one of the first decks I started testing in the new format. I'd figure that it did not lose too much and would be good since it's very powerful. I have been liking this deck a lot just because of it's consistency. This deck fares very well vs Tag Team oriented decks. 

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