Hello Some1sPC readers! It has been a while since my last article, but in that time I was actually able to try my hand at something new during the Toronto Regional Championships... Commentating! This was such an incredible experience and I had so much fun analyzing play from the other side of the table. I’m hopeful that I can continue to grow as a commentator and that other opportunities will arise for me in that field!

I’m not here today to talk about commentary; I’m excited to be writing about two decks that I think are extremely strong headed into Roanoke Regionals this coming weekend! A new set is upon us and each time a new set is legal for play, it seems that some older archetypes always come out of the woodwork and see some level of success. There are just so many different potential combos with such a large card pool. There are 31 SETS legal at this tournament, some of which are more than seven years old! So many different cards and so much potential with a card pool of this size gets me excited to see some of the creativity that emerges this weekend.

It’s bittersweet to say that I won’t be participating as a player this weekend, but I get the opportunity to commentate once again! In this article,, I want to talk about two decks that I think are great plays for this coming weeken and both of which are ones I would really consider if I got to play this weekend.

It’s no secret, Buzzwole GX decks are looking extremely strong heading into this weekend. Not only did this deck get so many useful cards in the new set, but it also gains so many options once we move over to the Expanded format. We saw Top 16 players like Michael Pramawat and Rahul Reddy make it into Day 2 of Utah with Fighting Decks utilizing Expanded cards like Korrina, Landorus EX, Muscle Band and Wide Lens. Buzzwole decks just gain even more with the new set. For starters, Beast Ring can allow for an insane turn of attaching multiple Energies and it is so easy to pull off with Korrina to search for a Fighting Pokémon and the Beast Ring itself. Diancie Prism Star also allows the deck to hit lots of good numbers, such as Jet Punch with a Strong Energy to KO a 70 HP Trubbish. Beast Energy Prism Star can push those numbers even farther, allowing a Jet Punch with a Choice Band, Beast Energy and benched Diancie Prism Star to OHKO an undamaged Zoroark GX. The non-GX Buzzwole is also an insane card that can hit huge numbers for just one Energy.

Buzzwole isn’t the only archetype that gains new tools in this set. At first glance the only real card that Trevenant gains in the new set is Mysterious Treasure, which ultimately just slightly boosts consistency. But there’s more working in Trevenant's favor than the new cards, the format itself seems to shift favorably for everyone’s (least) favorite tree. With Buzzwole GX on the up-and-up, Zoroark GX decks will certainly be on the decline this weekend. Zoroark is difficult for Trevenant to deal with, even with a high number of counter cards in the deck. If Buzzwole GX sees as much play as I think it will, I think this could be an extremely good weekend for the Psychic-type and Fighting Resistant Trevenant.


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