Hello, Some1sPC readers! It’s Israel and today I will be spicing things up a little by doing something I haven’t done in a while – writing about the Expanded format. The first regional tournament in the US that will support the new expanded format is Portland, which is just over a week away! Before I go on to talk about my top choice for play, I’ll first highlight what I have planned for this article:

I.Garb ToolBox
II.Card Choices and Recommendations

Garb ToolBox

Moving into the expanded format I decided that Garb ToolBox was my top choice, simply because of the options that the deck can provide. It has decent matchups across the board and should honestly be considered as a serious contender. Another reason for choosing this deck is because I believe Buzz is going to be really popular and playing Garb ToolBox will hopefully make my life a whole lot easier.

Let’s take a look at the list

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