Hello Some1spc readers! Its Israel and today I will be talking about a deck I have been hyped for in the standard format. I will also talk a little bit about my run at worlds and give a small bit on the cup I played the deck for. So, let’s look at what I’m going to talk about in this article.

I. Worlds
II. DuskMane/Magnezone
IV. Matchups
V. Conclusion


The last season that just passed was probably my worst season as a competitor. I was on an eight-month slump where I couldn't make a Day Two at any of the Regionals I attended or NAIC and in some, I couldn't even finish with a strong record. I couldn't find the flow of any deck and Zoroark was the bane of my existence. This Worlds was important to me because I wanted to end this slump in a big way and win Worlds. So, leading up to the tournament I was testing all different kinds of decks and decided to pack Passimian and Zorogarb with me for worlds. However, when I was testing, before the decklist was due, I couldn't win a game. It was the first time for the world championships where I was at a loss for what to play the day before the tournament. I started to test everything besides Buzzwole due to the fact that I hated the deck and I didn’t feel comfortable in the mirror. Finally, with two hours left before decklist submission, I still couldn't find a deck and I had settled on making Passimian my choice. My friends Russell, Mark and Kenny told me to just try Buzzwole one more time and run the same 60 as them. So, I watched them play mirror for an hour to learn the matchup and finally got in a single game of testing and decided to roll with it for the tournament. As I walked to the tournament I was really thinking; “Am I really going to do this, am I really playing a list that I literally played one game with and watched for an hour?”. The guys saw my unconfident expressions and Mark told me he'll play a couple games after dinner to teach me more of the deck. We played for an hour or so and after some explanations and some run through of scenarios I felt a little more confident (about 40% percent confident, 45% we’ll see what happens and 5% I really regret doing this). The day of the tournament I had the worst case of anxiety and it started to overwhelm me, but the decision had been made and the tournament was about to begin.

Day One Record

R1 Rayquaza LL
R2 Greninja WW
R3 Metal Beastbox WW
R4 Mirror LWW
R5 Mirror LWW
R6 Mirror WLW
R7 Mirror LWW
R8 Mirror WW

So, I managed to grind through Day One having played against five mirrors through the day. I was extremely shocked that I pulled through all of them with just four games of the mirror under my belt prior to this tournament. That night we celebrated at a rooftop bar and while we were there I was talking to Kenny and Mark the majority of the night because I wanted to figure out what I should play for Day Two (they got me through Day one so, why not). However, through the night, the beers started to kick in and exhaustion started to play a role and I decided I was going to play the same 60 and continue to ride the hot run.

Day Two Record

R1 Golisopod Zoroark WLW
R2 Buzz/Shrine/Garb/Banette GX LL
R3 Mirror WLW
R4 Zorogarb WLW
R5 Buzz/Shrine/Garb/Banette GX LWT
R6 Rayquaza LL
R7 Rayquaza LWL

Another year where I make Day Two and have a good start and then just fall flat in the last couple rounds. Do I regret my deck choice for Day Two? Absolutely not! The deck played how it's supposed to play, and I’ll move on from this and work extremely hard the next season. Will I ever make a deck choice two hours prior to the decklist being due? Absolutely not! This was a one-time deal as the anxiety was too overwhelming to deal with.

Duskmane Necrozma

Moving on from worlds, I want to talk about Duskmane/Magnezone, a deck that I have been enjoying in Standard recently. Why Duskmane? I found it's one of those decks where if it sets up, there's no stopping it. It will beat anything in this format and will make games go as quick as possible. It is a stage 2 deck so when it runs cold…...it runs cold. So, let me go over my cup run with the deck and then go into detail about the cards itself and matchups

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