Hey, everyone, I hope you are ready for another segment of “The Lab” like always I have been testing a couple different decks over the last few days and have some more advice for them. I had some misses and some with a lot of potential. I have exactly one month until I leave for Worlds and in that time I will hopefully be able to find the perfect deck.

There have been a couple questions concerning who I have been testing against. My testing partners have mostly been my local testing group, I respect their opinions because they were the testing group I played with when I won Arizona Regionals and they are the people I test with all the time. What I do in testing though is I will play both decks that are getting tested. I will start out with one and switch to the other so that I can have an unbiased opinion on every deck for the sake of the article. This is something that I strongly suggest everyone does while they are testing. You should play both sides of the match up to see what it is like to be in the other pilot's shoes. You’ll learn a lot about a deck and its strengths and weaknesses by playing it yourself. There are a lot of times that I feel like I am in a bad spot and that the matchup is bad but when I try to play the other side I understand that they are doing everything they can just to keep their head above water in the game and that I am actually in the better position.

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