Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well! The new Team Up set has arrived, Oceania International Championship (OCIC) has passed and lots of new deck ideas are brewing – some really good and others not so much. What matters and what we should really value are players attempts to make creative, strong and competitive decks. Japan has a different approach to most of the world – they test a lot of different decks and bring them to tournaments and I really like that.

That being said, today I bring you a very interesting deck that had some success in Japan –Lycanroc-GX (GRI and TEU), Alolan Persian and Doublade. Here in the West I saw players testing the idea, but I did not see much enthusiasm for it. I decided to test it myself and I really enjoyed it. I think the deck has synergy and power, but I did not think it had the strength to compete against the tier 1 decks. It was then that I saw a version of the deck with the new Doublade from Team Up. At first I couldn’t see the sense of adding Doublade, but after some tests I realized that this Pokémon is fantastic and increased the power of the deck even more. For only a Double Colorless Energy it is able to knock out Pokémon like Ultra Necrozma-GX and Zoroark-GX in just one attack.

Unfortunately, I could not go to OCIC, but if I were able to I would probably have used the deck that I bring to you in this article.

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