What’s up, Some1sPC readers? It’s Israel, and after a long break, I’m back with another article just in time for Atlantic City Regionals, if you're still in need of some inspiration. I've got some good stuff for you today, but before I get straight into it, let’s go over what I’ll be talking about.


  • Introduction
  • List and Choices
  • Card Recommendations
  • Matchups
  • Conclusion



With the conclusion of Worlds, I had been trying to find a deck I would enjoy, as I tried to get the wheels going on this new season. I didn’t have much, but I knew that I didn’t like ReshiZard after playing with it in an online tournament. I also really wanted to avoid Malamar altogether due to how horribly it did at Worlds, but one night I wanted to grind PTCGO for some packs and decided, why not? I found myself enjoying the deck and kept playing it, but after one rough finish at a League Challenge, I decided to try different techs, scrapped the bad ones, and added some other interesting ones. I decided to take this improved list to a few League Cups and this is how I did:


Montebello Cup

R1 AbilityZard W

R2 QuagNag W

R3 Green'sZard W

R4 Green'sZard L

R5 Green'sZard W

R6 QuagNag ID 


T8 AbilityZard WW

T4 PikaRom w/ Judge WLL


I lost in Swiss to Green'sZard because I prized one of my Reset Stamps, which meant that I couldn’t prevent a double Custom Catcher play for game. In Top 4, I lost after a hot start due to rough draws in Game 2, and a "Full Blitz" on the first turn of Game 3 ended my tournament. 


Temecula Cup

R1 Baby Blowns L

R2 New Player W

R3 Perfection W

R4 AbilityZard W

R5 Welder Non-GX Attackers L

R6 Perfection W


I also won an online tournament with a similar list, but I'd rather not keep listing more matches. To go over the losses, I had an extremely slow start against baby Blowns and couldn’t catch up in the prize trade. I also lost to a Welder deck with non-GX attackers due to whiffing Reset Stamp after playing Cynthia into a seven-card deck in time. 


Going from here, I think this list has a lot of potential and a lot of things that you can work with for the upcoming Regional. Before we get to matchups, let’s go over my list.

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