Hey readers. Kian back, once again. Today I am going to cover standard and I'm going go over Vikaray, Malamar, and take a look at a new deck popping up, Empoleon Swampert. I do like the current standard format right now but there are some flaws with it. First, I think going first is a significant advantage in certain matchups. Second, there is not really any great comeback because of the lack of N. This means game pretty much snowballs and maybe decided pretty early. Other than that I'm glad there are not really any oppressive cards like Parallel City that are bad for the game.

The current format is revolving around the Shrine of Punishment decks. Caleb Gedemer played an excellent list for his win and it has become the deck with the most Buzz. I do think the deck is excellent but I do not think the deck is the best deck. Players and decks will continuously adapt to beat it and needing to adapt is key to winning.

The decks I like the most right now is Vikavolt Rayquaza and Malamar. I won a cup with a version with two Shining Lugia because I did not own any Dhelmise at the time. My list was very similar to Isaac Mileski's/Jose Marrero’ list. I think VikaRay’s high power is the reason why its one of the best decks in the format. I really like the inherent consistency with Tempest GX and how the deck utilizes Volkner. I do think the deck fairs well versus shrine deck if built properly and added with more one prized attackers.

For Malamar I love the deck’s consistency and power. I modeled my list after Rukan’s second place list. The deck just runs incredibly smooth and is very well rounded. The deck no bad matchups and has a variety of options to deal with anything in the meta.

Here is my current Tier List for Standard:


Tier One






Tier Two







Lapras Quagsire

Beast Box

I personally like all the tier one decks right now. All of them are strong in their own way and fairly consistent decks. Right now, I would not play the Shrine deck for Memphis because I think it will have a huge target on its back. Decks will adapt which make it harder for it to do well.

I haven’t really tested some of the tier two decks. Lapras/Qaugsire is something that I have heard about but I haven't tried it. Decidueye Zoroark can interesting because of how Decidueye is good against Shrine decks. All the others ones, I don't really have much testing with.

Now moving onto Rayquaza, like I said earlier I think this decks power potential is very high. I do like how the deck runs even though it is a stage two deck. Tempest GX and Volkner really make the deck run smooth. Let's get into my list. 

Rayquaza GX

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