What's good with it Some1sPC readers? I'm Russell LaParre and I'm back to bring you another article, this time on one of my recent deck creations, Umbreon/Wobbuffet/Control. First, I'll start by explaining how I reached the point where I wanted to play Umbreon GX over the deck that's brought me a ton of success recently, Espeon GX. Then I'll go over the list that brought me a first place finish at my most recent League Cup. Finally, the matchups, tech, and ways to pilot the deck to success at Utah Regionals, or any of your League Cups.

I.Why Umbreon GX?
II.The List

Why Umbreon GX?

I'll start by saying, I'm not completely obsessed with the GX Eeveelutions, I just like to pry the most out of cards I see having a solid amount of potential, which others may be sleeping on. I'm not sure if it's my drive to remain a "rogue deck" pilot, or just my obsession with presenting my opponents with scenarios they're not used to playing against, but either way, WOOOO! Espeon GX and Umbreon GX are fun to play with. Anyways, I wanted to build a new version of an Eeveelution Wobbuffet deck that could properly compete with Decidueye/Vileplume without getting destroyed by M Gardevoir STS as I've been noticing a few players picking up on its hype.

In order break down the Decidueye/Vileplume matchup, I tried to think about how the other decks in my past couple of articles attack the Decidueye/Vileplume Meta. For the most part, the decks would need to be completely remade in order to efficiently counter the deck's control. Espeon GX/Wobbuffet looked to use Wobbuffet to break the Item Lock while you built up a strong field, then to take over the game with Espeon GX's Psychic. Espeon GX/Decidueye GX used Decidueye GX's Feather Arrow to spread damage through Item Lock control and had Espeon GX's Divide GX to help spread damage onto Decidueye/Vileplume's bench sitters. Finally, Brilliant Arrow Gardevoir had free retreat through Fairy Garden and a consistent way of setting up under Item Lock via Geomancy, which allowed it to keep up with the damage Feather Arrow could produce. With all that in mind, I had to pick a new deck as players at my League Cups we're picking up decks that either beat Espeon GX/Wobbuffet or stood a solid 50/50 against it, like Turbo Darkrai. And so I started by taking a look at the Umbreon GX/Vileplume deck that made top 32 at Malmo Regionals, and picked apart how it used Umbreon GX to find success. Ultimately, I found Vileplume to be underwhelming in the deck. It offered nothing to boost Umbreon besides an Item Lock, taking up a lot of resources in Stadium Counts, Pokemon Count, and Ultra Ball/Level Ball counts to put it in play. Most players in the area already started adapting to the strength of Vileplume by either piloting it themselves or using a hefty Supporter line to counteract Irritating Pollen's control. I decided to try and turn all Espeon GX in my Espeon/Wobbuffet deck into Umbreon GX, then see how it tested.

While the concept of using Umbreon/Wobbuffet is nothing ridiculously new or spectacular, I think it's being overlooked by a hefty amount of the player-base. Most pilots are pairing it with Crushing Hammer or Zoroark BKT which in my opinion, take away from the tech that they could be playing to strengthen the deck's consistency. It also changes the perspective of how you pilot the deck. Knowing you're playing Crushing Hammer puts you in scenarios where you might think to yourself "I have 3 Crushing Hammer left, if I Professor Sycamore here and flip heads on one, I can do yada yada yada yada. If I miss, then I'm in a tough spot." This influences our game-play, building entire turns around a coin flip, all due to the fact that we want to compliment Dark Call GX with hammers to maximize the amount of Energy Control the deck can produce. The same cannot be said for Zoroark BKT, as it is a solid attacker and is quite strong against novice players, as they tend to throw a lot of Pokemon on their bench for bad reasons. My issue with Zoroark is it absorbs a Float Stone that I may need to attach to a Wobbuffet, and its damage output is dependent on how my opponent benches. Since I'm playing multiple 1 prize Pokemon and GX Pokemon, I can't utilize it to force a 7 prize game and still keep my standing game plan of Strafe into Wobbuffet. Let's get into the list!

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