What's good with it Some1sPC Readers! I wanted to do another Ultra Prism Buy/Pick Up list for the community so everyone can see what I'm buying for the team as well as for myself.  The Pick Ups list is a set of cards I'm going to be ordering with the Rogue Boys being some stuff that I'm willing to drop some leftover funds on JUST IN CASE the idea turns out to be a success. More than likely they won't be but I figured I'd mention it. Either way, this is a more laid back chill article so enjoy!

Pick Ups

Leafeon GX


This should come as no surprise to anyone. Leafeon GX’s Grand Bloom GX attack is going to spark lots of interest from deck builders. Paired with Energy Evolution Eevee, it seems fitting that a deck should be able to pull of turn 1 or 2 Grand Bloom’s consistently. The problem for it right now is pairing it with the proper partner. I believe a majority of the player base is testing it out with Decidueye GX which I don’t believe is the best option. I feel like without Forest of Giant Plants Decidueye GX runs into plenty of consistency issues. Some games I’ve tested with it I’d get 3 Decidueye in play by turn 4 and others not even 1 by turn 5. I’m not sure if it’s a reliable option to take into a major tournament.

I think it’s most slept on strength, and one I believe is what makes it a better card than most give it credit for, is its damage output and amazing ability, Breath of the Leaves. Being able to dish out 110 for a Grass/DCE can create OHKO’s on Grass weak Pokémon such as Lycanroc GX but mainly it enables Leafeon GX to attack for a 2HKO without relying on Choice Band. This means we can Float Stone our Leafeon after swinging with it, using its ability to heal itself, then retreat to the bench for a KO with let’s just say Zoroark GX. From that point on Leafeon GX can be used as a pivot to play around via Guzma/Float Stone/Breath of the Leaves putting us far ahead in the potential 2HKO war that is in almost every Standard matchup. I can’t wait to see what people put together for St. Louis Regionals with this guy.

Glaceon GX


Easily the most hyped Pokémon out of Ultra Prism is going to be our dude Glaceon GX. While it’s nice to see Glaceon get some new spotlight as an evolution, people are going to play this card for its Ability, Freezing Gaze. Nothing says annoying like being able to Energy Evolution your Eevee on turn 1 into a Glaceon GX and shutting off your opponent’s access to their Tapu Lele GX’s Wonder Tag.  People are going to love this card and pair it with Zoroark GX, Alolan Ninetales GX, Aqua Patch, and Choice Band to try and have a control 2HKO deck going on. I personally believe it’s overhyped but it does stomp the living mess out of Zoroark/Lycanroc which is nice to see considering the strength of that deck. It should also prompt the majority of players to up their turn 1 Supporter consistency without the aid of Tapu Lele GX. We might see 4 N, 4 Cynthia, 3 Professor Sycamore, and 3 Brigette decks should players find the necessity and space for it.

With its ability out of the way, I wanted to comment on how strong Frost Bullet and Polar Spear GX is. When paired with Choice Band, Frost Bullet is an amazing attack that helps Glaceon snowball its lead on decks it has locked up with Freezing Gaze. Without it, it’s rather underwhelming considering 200 + HP Pokémon flood the Standard format. Luckily, you only need to hit Choice Band for 1 of these 2 attacks to reach a 2HKO so it’s not ridiculously inconsistent in getting a KO.  Polar Spear GX is phenomenal, like a reverse Mad Bull GX.  This attack is going to be the main game ender or equalizer in a matchup where the deck falls behind in the early game. Being able to play off the 30 bench poke from Frost Bullet is key to making this attack work. The one flaw I find with Glaceon is its inability to KO Tapu Lele GX without using Polar Spear GX and how it gets 2HKO in return. It’s an extremely unfavorable trade considering Tapu Lele GX is a Basic Pokémon and requires a single energy attachment to Glaceon’s 2 + being a stage 1 Pokémon. Taking favorable Acerola trades with Tapu Lele GX is going to be my main tactic for dealing with this deck.

Dialga GX

Dialga’s Timeless GX is one of the funniest attacks we’ve gotten in the past few years. Being able to steal an opponent’s turn with the possibility of taking an OHKO with it against a Tapu Lele GX is just surreal. This alone is enough for me to try and test out a Magnezone/Dialga GX/Dusk Mane Necrozma GX deck to see if it’ll work consistently. Its other attacks Overclock and Shred aren’t bad but I would never base my entire deck around this guy, he’s a hot 1-of tech. I’ll pick up 1.

Dusk Mane Necrozma GX

Image result for dusk mane necrozma gx english

Basically, this guy is a metal Tapu Bulu GX. You’re discarding a bunch of Energy to OHKO the opponent while being a beefy Basic attacker. Its first attack sucks and it’s a little slap for 60 damage at a ridiculous 3 Energy cost. Following up that pathetic excuse for a first attack, Meteor Tempest deals as much damage as it sounds like it should. METEOR TEMPEST, like what is that going to look like in the show? Throwing a gigantic meteor shower at a Torchic like it wouldn’t destroy the battlefield? Anyways, that thing hits for 220 without a Choice Band which is good enough to test out a Magnezone/Nerozma deck for St. Louis Regionals.

Dusk Mane’s final attack, Sun’s Eclipse GX, is your typical 3 Energy, 250 damage, comeback attack that you’ll be able to attack with first after you opponent takes a Guzma OHKO on one of your benched Magnemite as you hope to get a Magnezone in play the following turn. If you’re playing this guy pickup 3 of them for the deck.

Dawn Wings Necrozma GX

I don’t really know if I like this card or not. Zander Bennett pitched this Necrozma GX/Golisopod GX deck to me based around using Invasion and Float Stone to consistently First Impression the opponent but that seems so underwhelming to play when this guy has Darkness weakness in a format full of Zoroark GX. It attacks Dark Flash is bad and doesn’t even OHKO with a Choice Band even though it needs 3 Psychic Energy to attack and Moon’s Eclipse GX is a rather underwhelming comeback attack considering it will only prompt your opponent to Guzma around it. I’m going to be testing a few ideas out with him before I buy one but I might just get one anyways.


Magnetic Circuit is the single reason we’re going to attempt to make this deck tier 1 and consistent. Similar to Emboar and Blastoise in previous formats, Magnezone is going to be the new “Rain Down Energy!” Pokémon in Standard. The problem with the deck at first glance is the reliance on its Stage 2 and the ability to get the  4 Metal Energy you need to attack with Dusk Mane Necrozma or 3 if you’re trying to play Heatran as a secondary attacker. Basically, it’s a good idea to test this deck out and see if it’s better than Tapu Bulu/Vikavolt for you. If you can’t make it more consistent than Bulu then there’s hardly any point in attempting to play it other than having a stronger Gardevoir matchup. Buy a 4-3-4 line of it so you can use this new Magnemite to tank early game Buzzwole GX hits and maybe 1 copy of the Searching Magnet Magnemite.


Cyrus ◇

Boy, this card is fun! Everyone was hyped around its text change/errata prompting broken effect but this card is still extremely strong. Being able to play it in Gardevoir, Buzzwole/Lycanroc, Glaceon variants, Magnezone, and pretty much anything with Octillery makes it a competitively viable card even as a 1-of. You guys may be thinking “but they get to pick the 2 cards they keep” but in the long run of a game, how important could those other 3 benched Pokémon be to the opponent?  What if they have 2 Zoroark GX on the bench, 1 Rockruff, and a Lycanroc with a Fighting Energy on it and you’re prepped to take a KO on their active? Are they just going to pitch away 2 Zoroark GX or 1 and a Rockruff? After taking the KO you might leave them with a single Zoroark on board and if they can’t OHKO your active you’re sitting in a solid position.


Man, this card is solid and overall just amazing for the game. Decks can finally cut down on their Professor Sycamore count and not completely rely on N to fish out resources in their deck without having to discard them early. I expect this to be around 3 or 4 in each deck for the first few months of the game. I’m buying 4 for every person on the team.

Pal Pad

Image result for pal pad ultra prism

At first glance some of you may be thinking, “Why not just Puzzle of Time or Lusamine your Supporters back instead?” Well, what Pal Pad will enable decks to do is get extra copies of their Guzma or Cynthia back in their deck to fish with Trade near the end of their game. This lets them dedicate their Puzzle of Time resources elsewhere and also eases your mind with trading away Supporters early similar to how playing Special Charge helps you be more aggressive and careless with your Special Energy. I’ll be picking up 2.


This little guy is going to be our Bunnelby of the Standard format so we can have a 1-of tech to absolutely destroy any stall/mill decks in the format. After the success of Wobbuffet Break, Sylveon, and Wishiwashi Mill over the past few months, it might be nice to play this guy as a 1-of in your deck to generate that auto-win with Resource Management. I’ll be buying 1.

Unit Energy (Both)


As of right now, I’m too busy theory crafting consistent versions for the Pokémon GX’s I listed above to fully dive into what utility I can get out of both Unit Energy but I’m’ confident these will find their way into the meta in some way or another. Even if it’ll take months, it’s worth the cost of like 1 or 2 dollars to pick up a playset of each.

Rogue boys




Garchomp has an amazing attack that synergizes with Cynthia which is obviously a great card we’ll want to be playing quite a lot of. The problem with Garchomp is its Energy requirements to attack, reliance on Cynthia and the opposing active Pokémon to be one we want to OHKO via Royal Blades. Quick Dive is a solid attack for us to setup KO’s with but the heavy usage of Enhanced Hammer in the format puts Garchomp at risk of losing its 2HKO option if we play it early to get a 50 damage swing in. Right now I think Garchomp falls into tier 2 but with the release of the Fighting version, we may see it rise.

Lucario is only here to support the usage of Royal Blades and allows us to consistently string together attacks with Garchomp. Having 2 in play lets you get 2 pseudo Computer Searches in play without using your Supporter which is an amazing trade in my book. Either way, I’ll be buying a 2-2 line of this and a 4-4-3-4 of Garchomp.


Another deck that’s getting some attention is the Luxray with Shining Celebi to use Luxio’s attack and essentially Item Lock our opponent out of the game. The problem with this game-plan, is even with Shinx’s ability Evolutionary Advantage, the deck will struggle to setup multiple full lines of Luxray without the use of Rare Candy. I’m not buying any of this line but I’ll understand if someone wants to pick it up for cheap and try out something incredibly fun.


Piplup’s back! This card’s Total Command attack is incredibly strong and while players may be thinking “Well can’t my opponent just mitigate their bench size to not get OHKO’d?” Empoleon can still dish out solid 2HKO’s against a majority of the decks in the format. Its problem is going to come from its 2 Energy requirement attack which I’m going to try and fix via Counter Energy or some other form of attachment. If this deck can’t succeed due to its Energy requirement even the Metal version of it coming next set won’t do much to help its success. I’m still buying a 4-3-4 line because it’s cheap and would be fun to play once I land my invite.

Solgaleo Prism Star

As much as I see Magnezone not working out, I’m sure a few people are theory crafting some Max Elixir/Registeel/Dusk Mane Necrozma deck and this guy is going to be a game ender should you take a huge lead on the opponent. It could also be a solid 1-of in Magnezone decks but for right now I don’t mind picking it up at a low price should testing show it’s quite strong. Definitely, buy 1.

Lunala Prism Star

Lunala ◇

The same logic with Solgaleo applies here but with Psychic decks. I’m working on a Mewtwo GX/Marshadow/Lunala deck for the future so I’m hoping this adds some boost to it. I’m buying 1 obviously. Psystorm is a garbage attack though.

Darkrai Prism Star

Darkrai ◇

For the Standard format, Darkrai probably won’t see that much play seeing as the 2 Energy attachment boost may be better off dropped onto one of your Darkrai GX or Darkrai EX, however, it could bring quick OHKO’s out of nowhere so I need to test the idea out and see if it’s worth playing. The concept seems decent in Expanded so I don’t mind buying 1 for the sake of playing it and the card looks really cool.


It seems like all the new Weavile have something against any Pokémon having an Ability but at first glance, this card seems like it can be a strong card in the current format. Zoroark GX, Glaceon GX, Leafeon GX, Lycanroc GX, and Tapu Lele GX are all extremely popular and have abilities which can make Weavile’s damage output Sky Rocket should they overextend their board. Similar to the problems with Empoleon, your opponent can play extremely conservatively with their bench and cut off your ability to OHKO or 2HKO their active which kills the entire deck idea. Sadly, this card would want to get paired with the other Weavile but since they both have the same card name, you can’t play a full line of both in your deck. I’m picking up 4 just to see if I can find something cute to play with it.


Ultra Prism looks underwhelming at first glance. I think Glaceon and Leafeon might make a splash in the format but I'll need a couple of testing games to see if it's worthwhile. Cynthia and Pal Pad are going to add some great consistency to the format and we could see some cute things come from the strength of Unit Energy. As for right now, I'm testing Gardevoir, Garchomp, and Leafeon variants to see if I can find one that I'm comfortable taking to St.Louis Regionals.

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As always, thanks for all the support for our team.




Edited by Neil Essymer

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