What’s good with it Some1sPC readers?!? This weekend we’re taking pre-orders on our latest run of Some1sPC gear shown below. Hoodies are $45 each with $10 shipping (no shipping if you’d like to pickup at a Regional) and Snapbacks are $35 each. Since we hit a nice quota count of Pre-orders from our Twitter/Facebook posts, we’re going to offer $5 off our hoodies to all Elite PC members (verified through Russell). If you’d like to pre-order please message Russell LaParre on Twitter @rlaparre or on Facebook for details. We will stop taking pre-orders as of Sunday night 9 pm EST and can deliver at Greensboro or Collinsville Regionals.

Finally, we have 3 articles coming to you next week which are already being edited. Franco’s article on Japan Meta + Zapdos updates, Drew’s Charizard from Team Up list which he says is “basically Tapu Bulu 2.0), and Israel’s article on Inceniroar GX from Team Up! Thanks for all the support!

Sizes range from XS to XXXL. The hoodies are mid-weight and fit big.


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