Hi Some1sPC readers! My name is Russ and I’m back to bring you some fresh Lost Thunder Standard Format content. Our past couple of articles have been filled with individual card potential, future deck ideas, and projected future decks so mine is strictly going to be about the first deck I’ve invested a bit of time into at the start of my testing: Tyranitar GX.

If you’ve read my previous articles and see what I play in major events, I’m not one to stray away piloting/testing insanely rogue or ridiculously combo oriented stage 2 decks. At first glance, Lost Thunder brought more support for stage 1 attackers and a variety of heavy hitters like Zeroara GX, Granbull, and Blacephelon GX. After picking the decks that we’re testing and different ideas we’re all going to write about, I found Tyranitar GX which I believe was slept on or underhyped by the community. With that I ran with multiple ideas for testing then finally ended on a note I felt was more consistent than most which I’m going to bring you below. Let’s go!

Tyranitar GX

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