What’s up Some1sPC readers! NAIC is behind us and we’re moving full speed ahead towards Worlds. 

Going into Worlds we are seeing a rotation and the release of a new set. In this article I’m going to go over what cards we lose and some cards we gain, along with a deck that I will be testing.

Important Cards That Are Lost to Rotation


Zoroark-GX is unfortunately one of the few cards that will see play in only 1 World Championships. While Zoroark-GX was around it was uncontested as the best deck in nearly every format, including at NAIC where we saw Stephane Ivanoff win with Zoroark-GX/ Naganadel-GX/ Dewgong or “Zoro Checkmate”.

Tapu Lele-GX

Tapu Lele-GX has been a staple in nearly every deck since its release in Guardians Rising. Tapu Lele-GX was seen as a 4 of in Tord Reklev’s 2017 NAIC winning deck and was seen as a 4 of in Limitless TCGs deck for NAIC this year. This card added a level of consistency to decks that was unmatched.

Ultra Ball

Ultra Ball was released in the 2012 set, Dark Explorers, back when I was still a junior. Since then it has been a 4 of in almost every deck that wasn't stall. Ultra Ball may well be the best card ever printed, simply because discarding cards often isn't a drawback but instead helps progress your board.

Nest Ball

Nest Ball was a great consistency card introduced in Sun and Moon Base Set and has seen play in pretty much every deck since. With Nest Ball gone, consistency engines in the format will have to change a lot.


The loss of Guzma is potentially the biggest loss of the entire rotation. Guzma was the only real “Gust of Wind” effect in the format besides Counter Catcher (which is also rotating) and Custom Catcher, which is a difficult card to use effectively, whereas Guzma can effectively be searched with Wonder Tag and gave you a free switch effect. Guzma was such a powerful card that people were even advocating for its ban. With no consistent switch affect the game will be very different.

Marshadow (Let Loose)

Finally, this card is gone. Marshadow has been plaguing the format since Ian Robb made Top 16 at EUIC with it in his Drampa-GX/Garbodor list. Let Loose was an extraordinarily ability that saw play in aggressive decks because it provided both extra draw power and disruption. It was also a win condition on turn 1 which quite simply shouldn't exist.

Alolan Vulpix (Beacon)

Alolan Vulpix was a great utility card that really helped stage 2 decks set up, especially with the addition of Alolan Ninetales-GX. Vulpix saw play in decks like Metagross-GX and Gardevoir-GX to give them the consistency boost they needed to be tier 1 decks in their respective formats.

Field Blower

Field Blower was the last real way to remove tools from your opponent's board. While there are still options such as Dangerous Drill and Faba, you don't always want to use you supporter just to remove a tool and Dangerous Drill can only be played in dark decks.

Double Colorless Energy

The loss of Double Colorless Energy is pretty amazing considering how long the card has been around, and I’m sure it will be back at some point. For now it is out of the format, which means a lot of cards lose viability such as Melmetal & Lucario-GX and Weezing as both relied on being able to set up in a single attachment.

Counter Energy

Along with Double Colorless Energy, we also lose Counter Energy. Counter Energy was the only other energy that provided more than one energy at once and could be attached to basics. With both of these gone cards like White Kyurem and Stakataka are near unusable because they can no longer be powered up in a single turn.


The last card I’m going to mention is Vileplume because it directly impacts stall. Vileplume has been used many times over the season in stall to handle different decks, such as PikaZek or ReshiZard. Plume would be very good going into next format and it's honestly a good thing it's gone because of how powerful it would be.

Now that we’ve covered what cards are being lost in rotation, let's get into a deck I will be testing for worlds. In the next set Keldeo-GX will be released and that will be the focus of the deck. Keldeo-GX has the same ability we saw on Hoopa, where it prevents all damage and effects of attacks from GX or EX Pokémon on itself. 

The idea for the deck is just to be able to stop your opponent from being able to damage your Pokémon so you can slowly take your prizes until you win the game. During next format the expected decks are Malamar, ReshiZard, Shedinja, PikaRom, Blacephalon-GX and Porygon Z/Naganadel-GX – all of which are good matchups for Keldeo-GX. 

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