What’s up, readers? With the Expanded format behind us, for now, we are back to Standard where “Let Loose” and Lusamine rule the game. As we saw in Collinsville, Blacephalon won the entire event and Stall had a Top 4 spot along with many Day 2 finishes. After an amazing 9-0 finish on Day 1, Daniel Altavilla came in second at this event piloting Zoroark/Lucario/Lycanroc. At recent League Cups, the Pikachu & Zekrom GX-Box deck has shown popularity along with the emergence of Zapdos/Lycanroc.

As we head into Denver, these are the decks to beat. They have had the best results and thrive on being extremely consistent decks in general. Malamar is probably the best deck to take a loss to, as it is not too consistent, nor can it handle the speed of the Lightning decks. Blacephalon and Zapdos variants will be relatively popular, but taking a loss to either of these matchups likely won't cost you the event.

Now for what I consider to be the best deck in the format, and a deck I am highly considering for the event: Stall.  In Collinsville, the Stall lists were not very refined and had a few cards they just could not beat such as Jolteon GX, Oranguru UPR accompanied by a switching card and Judge, and Persian from Team Up. Other than that, the only deck Stall lost to was Naganadel/Quagsire, which isn't very good.

As for these cards that beat Stall there is a very simple solution: Lugia GX. While Lugia fixes the Lightning Box matchup and the Oranguru issue, it still does nothing to help us beat Persian.

Here's the list:

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