Hello Some1sPC readers! My name is Kenny Britton and I'm an experienced competitive Pokemon player from California. I've been playing for a while now and have earned multiple invitations to the World Championships. This season has definitely been my best yet as I've earned 1107 CP, won Anaheim Regionals, top cut three Regionals, made Day 2 six times and gained Championship Points at every Regionals I've played in so far. I'm excited and honored to be able to write an article for Some1sPC so let's get to it! In this article, I plan to discuss one of the newest additions to the format which is Tapu Bulu GX. I will explain its impact on the format and the best ways to play it. Enjoy!

I.Tapu Bulu GX
II.Tapu Bulu GX\Lurantis GX
III.Card Choices\Tech
V.Vikavolt\Tapu Bulu GX
VI.Card Choices\Tech

Tapu Bulu GX Analysis and Deck Breakdowns

Tapu Bulu GX became legal last weekend and saw immediate impact at the Madison and Birmingham Regional Championships. This card stood out to me as soon as we got news about its release and it makes sense that people were able to catch on and see success at the first tournaments you could play it in. Tapu Bulu GX has many strengths that put it into top-tier contention. It has 180 HP, no weakness, is a basic Pokemon, and most of all, is a grass type. Tapu Bulu GX is a fantastic attacker in the game right now as it can put down pressure instantly and survive attacks from just about anything in the game. The HP and no weakness gives it survivability, and being a basic Pokemon gives it immediate pressure as an attacker. The biggest reason for the success of “big” basic Pokemon in the past has been it's accessibility, quickness and the power to completely take over a game. The flaws are the average damage output and the three retreat cost, but we have enough support in this format to neutralize this problem. The two versions I'm going to explain in this article are the best ways I see to support and play Tapu Bulu GX, which are Vikavolt and Lurantis GX. Vikavolt's Strong Charge ability allows you to power up multiple Tapu Bulu GX in a single game and in no time at all. This is assuming you acquire the necessary set up so that you can attack by turn Two or Three and continuously power up Tapu Bulu GXs as responses to their threats. The other version is to take advantage of Max Elixir and both Lurantis cards (Lurantis Promo and Lurantis GX). You can power up Tapu Bulu GX with Max Elixir and reach crazy damage outputs with Lurantis Promo and Choice Band. For Example, you could potentially one shot a Metagross GX with Nature's Judgment + Two Sunny Days from Lurantis Promo + Choice Band. That's a whopping 250 damage! The downside of this crazy upside is your Energy recovery, which we have Lurantis GX's Flower Supply to help rebuild our board and get energies back. The final advantage of having Lurantis GX is being able to use a turn two Flower Supply to power up a Tapu Bulu GX. Let's take a look at the lists!


Tapu Bulu GX/Lurantis GX

Pokemon (14)

  • 4 Fomantis
  • 2 Lurantis GX
  • 2 Lurantis Promo
  • 3 Tapu Bulu GX
  • 1 Shaymin EX
  • 2 Tapu Lele GX

Trainers (33)

  • 4 Professor Sycamore
  • 3 N
  • 2 Lysandre
  • 1 Hex Maniac
  • 1 Professor Kukui
  • 1 Olympia
  • 1 Pokemon Center Lady
  • 1 Brigette
  • 4 Ultra Ball
  • 4 Max Elixir
  • 3 VS Seeker
  • 3 Choice Band
  • 2 Field Blower
  • 1 Super Rod
  • 2 Float Stone

Energy (13)

  • 13 Grass Energy


Card Choices

3 Tapu Bulu GX

The star and main attacker of the deck. I explained in my card analysis above why I love this card so I will just go over the count here. Three feels like the correct amount for me since he is your main attacker and you want to be able to attack with him as soon as possible. Four is excessive with Super Rod and he isn't the perfect starter for the deck so I don't feel the extra copy is warranted. Two would be too low because of 1 could be prized and you may have both of them get knocked out or damaged within a single game.

2 Lurantis Promo/2 Lurantis GX/4 Fomantis

Lurantis Promo has the ability Sunny Day which provides +20 damage to grass and fire attackers. This ability also stacks which is simply amazing support for Tapu Bulu GX and Lurantis GX. It makes their average damage output a real threat and swings the advantage in most matchups. I went with two here because I think that's the lowest amount you can get away with playing and three would be a tad excessive. I could see the third being included if you're having trouble reaching for damage in a specific matchup but for right now I think two is enough.

Lurantis GX is our form of Energy recovery (after using discard all of them using Nature's Judgement) and a strong secondary attacker. The drawback of Tapu Bulu's Nature's Judgment is it forces us to discard all of our Energy that we had gained from Max Elixir and attachments. This is where Lurantis GX's Flower Supply comes into play as it allows us to get Energy back into play to be able to attack with Tapu Bulu GX. Lurantis GX also has Solar Blade for 120 damage which is a strong attack with the buffs from Choice Band and Lurantis Promo. You will be surprised at the effectiveness of Solar Blade with damage multipliers. Last but not least is the GX attack Chloroscythe GX, which can knockout basically any Pokemon in the game with the right amount of Energy and damage buffs.

Four Fomantis is to maximize getting out our Lurantis lines and the attack could play a small role in accelerating a Tapu Bulu GX on turn one.

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