With STL coming up so soon, tons of players are committing an enormous amount of time to plays for the new format with Ultra Prism which means there will be a ton of different decks but most of all, a ton of fallback decks like Tapu Bulu/Vikavolt, Gardevoir, Buzz/Lycanroc, and Espeon/Garbodor played. People will default to playing these for multiple reasons. They either don’t feel comfortable with their latest list, fear too many decks that they may take an untested matchup against, and overall don’t trust their own deck building skills to pilot a deck into such an important tournament. Since a number of high name players will be in Australia Internationals, I doubt they’ll come to STL with some crazy new deck but rather an older one with new techs added in. Then they’ll make day 2 due to their overall player skill rather than their deck building/decisions. With all this said, STL is going to be wild. Empoleon and Garchomp will definitely make an impact in player’s deck decisions but may not necessarily flood the top tables. Glaceon will force players to add more Supporters to their deck but may not see that much success. Leafeon can boost a few Decidueye lovers out to pilot the deck once again or even give bloom to a rise of Lurantis decks that we may see make an impact. With that said, I’ve been grinding Empoleon and Garchomp like crazy the past couple of days so I wanted to discuss Garchomp today and drop my Empoleon article next week.



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