What’s up Some1pc readers, it's Israel, and I’m back with another article. Today I will be talking about a couple things. I will discuss my recent tournament runs from the past few weeks, what’s next for the rest of the season, a discussion about the new cards, and what I’m planning to play for Seattle regionals

I.Virginia Regionals
II.Toronto Regionals
III.Looking Ahead
IV.Oceania (Patchcity)

Virginia Regionals

In my last article, I discussed that I was lost in the last Standard format. I was trying different decks, different ideas, and nothing was working for me. I was even testing with Alakazam that my teammate Johnny Rabus piloted to Top 32 at this event, but nothing was catching my eye. So, I traveled to Roanoke with no final deck choice, I brought everything with me to decide before the tournament. The night before the tourney I was set in stone on Lycanroc, as I felt that I was comfortable with the deck and had a chance against a lot of different decks, provided I draw well enough. After waking up, part of me didn’t like the choice I made and felt I should bring another deck just in case I want to back out from Lycanroc so, I asked Azul to bring his Turbo Dark list, just in case I decided to switch. Before getting in the car, I decided I was going to play Turbo Dark, I was convinced in my head that this would give me a better chance in the Meta then Lycanroc would. I think it was a combination of stress and lack of sleep that I should choose something that’s run and gun, straight to the point, and something that I don’t need to think too hard to win with. I don’t remember the list that I ran, but I think it was the Shultz brothers list minus one card, which was a Hex Maniac for the Deciplume matchup. So, this is how day 1 went:

R1: Deciplume WW

R2: M Mewtwo LWW

R3: MegaRay & Gardy WLW

R4: M Mewtwo WW

R5: Volcanion WW

R6: Dark Dragons LWW

R7: M Ray WW

R8: Quad Lapras (Event Winner) LWW

R9: Quad Wobb/Jolteon/Glaceon LWL

So, I ended up 3rd seed going into Day 2. I had a spectacular run and won so many close games. I was on top of the world and I felt this could be my chance for another regionals win, provided I can just avoid facing Grant Manley and his nonsense list. I knew that I was facing Volcanion in the first round and if I get either a tie or win I would face Grant in the next round. So winning my first round is extremely crucial.

R10 Volcanion WLT

R11 Quad Wobb/Glaceon/Jolteon LL

R12 M Mewtwo WLL

R13 M Mewtwo LWL

R14 Deciplume WLL

This was probably the most frustrating run I had since last year at California States. I couldn’t finish a series to save my life. I personally didn’t feel like I was playing inadequately, and made that I was making the right decisions, but the games were either I dead drew at some point of the game, or got N’d out of my win condition. I went back home that Monday rethinking about how I collapsed on the 2nd day compared to how perfect I ran the first day, and couldn’t explain how it happened. I took the rest of the week off and just stayed focus for Toronto Regionals.

Toronto Regionals

I was more excited about this trip than I was for Virginia, not because it’s a different country, but because it’s the format I was comfortable with. I get my Dark Patch and Sableye back, and I knew with those, then I have a shot against anything. Before leaving for Toronto I anticipated a Volcanion, Night March, and Yveltal Meta, so I brought my list that I won Portland with, but switched Hex Maniac with a Delinquent. I felt that switch would give me the best chance for the meta. Part of me wanted to bring Tauros GX and Hex Maniac, just in case the Meta switches, but I ignored my instinct and brought my 60 cards along for my journey to Toronto. However, the trip started with bad luck. I invited my girlfriend and her sister with me to Toronto so they could experience Canada for the first time, but the bad luck started at the airport. My girlfriend's sister (Genesis) had to check in her bag because she didn’t want to lose the lotion and perfume they bought that day, they told her that don’t worry and it will be in Toronto. We had a 14-hr. layover in Dallas and stayed in the room then when we got to Toronto her bag wasn’t there. They said her bag was still in Dallas and we should have picked it up there. So they send the bag on the next flight to Toronto and eventually, the bag was returned the next day. Before she got her bag, however, we arrived at the hotel and when I attempted to check-in, they said that I wasn’t in the system. I said that it was impossible, I reserved a room 3 weeks ago and paid for it. After going through my email for 5 minutes I realized that I booked it for the week before and not that weekend. So I had to rebook the room again just so we would have a place to stay. I knew from there that this trip was not going to be my trip. Regardless, on the day of the tourney, I woke up, felt pumped up and ready to play.

R1 Lurantis/Plume LWL

R2 Yveltal/Garb WW

R3 Lurantis/Plume WW

R4 Rainbow Road LL

R5 Lurantis/Plume WW

R6 Toadbats LWL

R7 Primal Groudon WW

R8 Volcanion WW

R9 Trev LL

So as you may be able to tell, I called the wrong Meta for this tournament. Vileplume and Seismitoad were running the event through Day 1. My initial instinct was correct, and if I would have followed my gut, then I feel I could have done 10x better, given the decks present at the tournament. My bad luck doesn’t end there, as the next day I decided to play in a League Challenge because of a scenario where certain people could make it to top 8, possibly costing me my spot in the top 16 of North America right at the cutoff for the North American Intercontinental. To my relief, before Round 2 of the League Challenge even started, one of the people that needed to make Top 8 ended up losing their first 2 rounds, making it impossible for them to Top 8, guaranteeing my Top 16 going into the Intercontinental. For those of you curious about how I did during this League Challenge:

R1 M Mewtwo W

R2 Turbo Dark L

R3 Mirror W

R4 Toadtina W

R5 Night March W

I got 2nd place in the League Challenge which put me at 849 CP for the season. Even though I was happy that I held on to top 16 for Intercontinental, my bad luck didn’t end there. The day of my departure back home, the girls and I decided to rent a car and go downtown since we wouldn’t make it to Niagara Falls in time for our flight. So, after eating poutine and souvenir shopping, we started to head back. Mind you we left at downtown at 2:45 P.M. and our flight was at 6 P.M. Then the worst thing happens, we hit traffic. Not traffic where we move at 5-15 mph, no, it’s the stand still kind. It literally took us 45 minutes to go one mile and then we ended up back at the rental car at like 4:30. Then the Uber took 10 min because he couldn’t find the location, for some reason. Then he took us to the wrong terminal, which might be my fault, but he told me American was at this terminal. So we get to the airport at 5 pm, asking desperately how to get to the correct terminal. So we had to use a train to get to the correct terminal, which we manage to get to the correct one by 5:10. Then the worst happens once again, we couldn’t check in our flight. The person behind the desk told us that if we could have shown up 15 min sooner he could have got us on that flight. So we spent the next half an hour with them as they try to figure something out. They were nice enough to give my girlfriend a free flight back to make it in time for her final. Unlucky for me and Genesis, we had to pay for another flight, and wouldn’t be able to leave until the next day. So we sat at the airport for 13 hours before our new flight arrived and finally, we were on the way back.

Looking ahead

I’m currently in a slump, I cannot find the rhythm I need to win games and it’s kind of frustrating. However, I have been in this situation multiple times, so I know what I need to do to bounce back for the important tournaments. Luckily I stayed in Top 16 for the Intercontinental and will get a stipend no matter what. Due to this slump, I decided to take it easy for the next month. I will be attending Seattle Regionals and a couple League Cups here and there, but I will not attend any Regionals for the month of June. I feel like I need time away from the game, and all this traveling is starting to get overwhelming for me. I feel this is the correct decision and yes, this means I need to make a good run at the Intercontinental to stay in Top 16 to get Day 2, but the break can help me relax and start testing with more time and patience, in order to select the right deck for that event. Seattle will be very important to get some points on the board to make it easier for myself going forward, so testing is going to be key. Luckily for me, because of the layover I had in Toronto, I got a lot of testing done and I like what I have been testing with, so I’m happy to share what I found.

Oceania (Patchcity)

When the scans first came out in February, all I could think about was how Aqua Patch is going to be so good, and how I will be able to utilize a Patch in both formats. I knew exactly where I wanted to start going into this new format. Even though this is not the same as the original Patchcity, I found this variant to be a good call for the Meta we are entering. The difference between the two is that the original Patchcity is more a conservative type of build, it can slow the game down or can just go back and forth with any deck while maintaining the resources it needs to win games. But the new Patchcity, AKA Oceania, is much more of a “run and gun” type of deck, where you’re dropping energies left and right to put as much pressure on your opponent, while also having techs to allow you to annoy your opponent and possibly steal games if they are not prepared. Also, with Tapu Lele and Field Blower in the mix, it makes it very consistent and viable against most things in this new Meta, because of the speed it contains. Enough boring you guys with the introduction, let’s get to the list I been working on for the last couple of days.

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