Hello Some1pcs readers! This is Israel, and I am back with another article to share with you guys. In my last article, I talked about Lycanroc and the viability it has in this meta. I will provide a more updated list later in the article, but today I will be talking about the meta for Virginia and my top 3 choices for the tournament.

I.Utah Regionals
II.Brazil Results leading to VA
III.My choices

Now before I talk about this dreadful format we have going into Virginia, I want to backtrack to Utah Regionals and give a couple lessons that I learned from this tournament that may be useful for others.

Utah Regionals

A couple nights before Utah Regionals I was set in stone about not going to this event, due to work and the fact I was really burnt out from playing the weekend before at Portland Regionals. That Thursday night in my paralegal computers class, I asked my boss if I had gotten the Saturday off that I requested, for League Cups. He never got back to me throughout the week, and I wanted to make sure before assuming that I had it off. He texted me “Yea you have it off, don’t worry about it.” So, I was at least going to try to get some points this weekend. About 5 minutes later, I get another text from him saying that if I wanted the weekend off go ahead because there are only a couple jobs that can be done by one person. When I read that, I didn’t know how to react. So I posted on Facebook to see if I could get a last minute ride to Utah, and eventually I found one. I departed from Anaheim to Utah on Friday at Noon, stopping in Las Vegas along the way to get some much needed​ food, and to do some not-so-needed gambling. As a result, we didn’t arrive in Salt Lake until Saturday at three in the morning. After only four hours of sleep, we woke up at 7 in order to make the last-minute registration, and so I had time to throw together a Yveltal/Garb deck to play with. Here is a brief rundown of how my tourney went:

Round 1 vs Turbo Dark WLL

Round 2 vs MegaRay LWL

Round 3 vs Houndoom Mill (got repaired and got a bye)

Round 4 vs Mega Mewtwo LWL

Round 5 vs Passimian/Carbink WW

Round 6 vs Volcanion WW

Round 7 vs Turbo Dark WLT (scooped then drop, I’ll explain)

So, the outcome of my run was expected and I learned a lot of lessons on this trip:

1.Don’t try to make a Regionals last minute if you’re not prepared.

I learned this the hard way. There are many players that can do this, just show up and play well with anything. For myself, in a format that I am not comfortable in, I have to test and feel somewhat prepared, to make sure I avoid pointless trips.

2.Try your best to rest before a tourney.

This was never a problem for me in the past. Usually, I would playtest until 5 in the morning or throughout the night to feel prepared, and build some confidence for the tournament ahead. However, my round 7 against Turbo Dark taught me this lesson. In game 2, I was in full control and all I had to do was keep applying pressure to win. So, a situation occurs where I needed a Float Stone to switch my damaged Yveltal with a fresh one, which would put him in a situation where if he doesn’t back up I win. However, after I Sycamore, I get that Float Stone…then I proceeded to attach it to a benched Trubbish that didn’t need a tool in the first place. As a result, I ended up losing 2 turns later after watching my active Yveltal die, followed by a Shaymin the following turn. In my first turn of game 3, I had probably the best start I ever have...then I proceeded to shuffle my prizes into the deck, then Sycamore. I receive a 3 prize penalty, which my opponent takes, then time was called. So, I scooped to him so he could keep his shot to make top 64, and I just called it a day. When you make that kind of mistake, that’s when you know you’re done for the day and you need rest.

3.Don’t waste your luck too early.

Alright, this one isn’t really a lesson, but I am kind of a superstitious player that believes in this kind of stuff. On the car ride to Salt Lake, we stopped in Vegas to gamble a bit. I never win in Vegas, I always run hot then lose what I started with. This time, however, I won 70 bucks. I was telling everyone that I cursed myself, that I had used all my luck and now Utah could only be either a good run or horrible decision.

After this tournament, I took a break and just waited to see the results of Brazil, to see how it would impact the meta in Virginia.

Brazil Leading to VA

Brazil just finished this past weekend and I was watching on stream what decks were popping up, and I noticed a lot of Decidueye/Plume decks popping up in almost every round. In the top 32, there were 12 Decidueye/Plume decks that made day 2, with 4 of them making it into Top 8. While Utah was filled with Turbo Dark, this deck came back with a vengeance and ended up winning the whole thing. Now there were other decks in there, like Volcanion and Mega Ray, that made a good appearance, but they weren’t strong enough to handle the high number of Plume decks. What does this mean for Virginia? Well, if the same thing that happens as it did in Australia, where it made a big appearance there and not many showed up at Utah, then I believe the same thing will happen again. It WILL make an appearance, now that everyone knows how strong the deck is, seeing how it had a big showing for 2 Internationals. With that though, I feel like that deck is going to have a big target on its back for this upcoming Regionals. What do I think is going to be the Top 3 decks for VA?


It has a weakness advantage over what is possibly BDIF, as well as the speed to beat most decks in the format. I feel the deck would have to up their counts on Float Stone to avoid issues against Plume. That way they can have the movement to do back-to-back attacks without getting Lysandre stalled and then have to watch everything get knocked out, without being able to do anything. Also, it just won Utah, so it clearly has the capabilities to win in this format, if it gets the right matchups.

Mega Mewtwo

Now this deck has its moments as far as consistency goes, but once it gets going it’s hard to beat and it hits like a truck. Having good matchups against Plume and Volcanion decks is another thing to remember when considering this deck for Virginia. Playing a higher count of Wobbuffet can help us set up under item lock, and can work to slow down our opponents from doing anything.

Turbo Dark

This deck is by far the most popular in the United States and has made great results with a couple wins and finalist finishes in recent Regionals. It’s a basic deck, and it is hard to beat if it gets going. Also, we have to consider it’s the most consistent out of the 3 I mentioned, and it has great matchups across the board. I wouldn’t doubt it if it makes a big appearance in Virginia.

If there was a 4th choice I would have said it belongs to Mega Ray, seeing as Mega Ray had some appearance in Brazil, even taking a couple spots in top 32. Also, Russell has mentioned before that the Virginia area has a decent number of players that always play Mega Ray. Even though it hits like a truck, it has a couple flaws, lacking a great way to deal with a counter stadium, as well as the ability locking from cards like Garbodor. I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes an appearance, but I wouldn’t put it above these guys.

Now that I listed my prediction of the “Top 3”, I would like to tell you my personal top 3 choices that I feel can make a run, assuming this prediction is correct. Also, some of the ones I feel most comfortable with and feel people could take into consideration if they are as lost in this format as I am.

My top 3 choices

Before I start talking about my choices, I want to sidetrack just a bit about where I am in the format and how I faced this before. In 2015, I played most of my season with just Yveltal, and made some decent showings with Yveltal/Hard Charm and Yveltal/Dusknoir. But, after Roaring Skies came out, the meta had completely changed, becoming too fast for Yveltal to handle without Dark Patch. I had a terrible showing at that year’s Nationals, and while testing for Worlds with Yveltal, I was struggling. All my games were either kind of close or me getting completely destroyed. So, Kenny and Kristy Britton asked me to finally try something different, they didn’t want me to have another bad showing. So I took their words into consideration and decided to try different decks. For that worlds, I played Landy Bats, and it was the best choice I could have made for that Worlds. I made it through day 1 and finished 34th overall with the deck, and I realized that I did something without Yveltal. There’s one thing that’s different between me and the rest of the top 16. It’s that I got all my points with one variant, while others played different decks. My problem is that I take quite a bit of time to learn different decks. While most players can just pick up a deck and play it, I like to only pilot lists I fully understand in and out. I think I have reached that point once again, but it’s not that bad of a meta compared to the first time I had this problem. So for the last 2 weeks I have played a different deck for each League Cup, and I really like what they bring to the table, so much so that I am actually considering them over Yveltal. Now that I got that story out of the way, and probably bored you to death, here’s my top 3 choices:

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