Hello Some1sPC readers! As we wind down to the end of the season with the North American International Championships fast approaching, these final tournaments can be so crucial to many people getting the last few points they need to finish off their invites to the World Championships in Nashville this August. With only a few tournaments remaining many players can really feel the pressure as the season comes to a close, especially in a format where there is still a lot to explore. We’ve seen the format being mostly dominated by Buzzwole/Lycanroc decks, followed closely by Zoroark/Lycanroc decks. The Malamar decks that saw a lot of hype coming into the format have been overshadowed by these other two decks for the most part.

I think Malamar is just such a powerful card but both of the Malamar decks take hard matchups to any of the Zoroark decks and it seems like the Buzzwole decks that are now playing three or more copies of Buzzwole FLI make that matchup very close as well. There is still a lot of potential with Malamar which I will go in depth with for the first deck in this article and then I’m going to look in depth at an anti-Meta Zoroark/Mismagius deck which I think could be pretty powerful heading into these last few weekends of League Cups and NAIC.

There has been much debate about which version of Malamar is better, Ultra Necrozma with the split Energies or the most straightforward all Psychic Malamar deck which focuses on Dawn Wings Necrozma GX and Necrozma GX. While I do think that Ultra Necrozma versions of the deck have a better Zoroark matchup, I prefer the more streamlined feel of the all Psychic deck, which is what I’m going to be writing about today.

Card Explanations

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