Greetings, my fellow Pokémon companions! My name is Le Bui, and I am excited to bring you my first Some1sPC article! The Expanded format this season has been wild and unpredictable, with creative new decks seeming to pop up out of nowhere at almost every event, however one thing remains the same: Zoroark GX continues to dominate the field in Expanded Regionals. Zoroark variants consistently make Day 2 of competitions, having taken home four Expanded Regional titles up to this point (Portland, Anaheim, Dallas, and most recently, Daytona). Daytona Regionals saw the return of Zoroark/Seismitoad, this time being paired with Hypnotoxic Lasers and Virbank City Gym after Lusamine received the ban in the Expanded format. The deck saw a ton of success at Daytona, with a handful of Zoroark/Seismitoad/LaserBank making Day 2, and Caleb Gedemer eventually took home his third Regionals win of the season (and another win for Team DDG) with the deck.


Zoroark GX’s “Trade” Ability is the primary reason why the card is so powerful, and it seems like the only way to slow Zoroark decks down is to shut off their Ability. With that being said, this is why I strongly believe Drampa/Garbodor has a chance to truly shine in the Expanded metagame. Drampa/Garbodor has been around for quite a while, since the release of the Guardians Rising set. The beauty of Drampa/Garbodor is not only being able to keep Zoroark decks in check through the use of Drampa’s “Righteous Edge” attack and Garbodor’s “Garbotoxin,” but also its ability to win against any unexpected decks that may appear in the Expanded field. Turn two “Garbotoxin” has proven to be truly devastating against decks that rely on their Abilities to function, and “Trashalanche” can punish players for their excessive use of Items, which may be unavoidable since they may be forced to play their Items in order to play the game, such as decks like Archie’s Blastoise.


With Hartford Regionals right around the corner, I will go over the ins and outs of the Drampa/Garbodor deck, and give detailed explanations as to why it is a solid play for the last Expanded Regionals event of the season.

I.Recent Tournament Results with Drampa/Garbodor
Explanations for Specific Card Choices
III. Possible Inclusions


Recent Tournament Results with Drampa/Garbodor


League Challenge 2/23/19: 3-0 (1st place)


League Challenge 2/23/19: 3-0 (1st place)


League Cup 3/10/19: 4-2 (Top 4)


League Cup 3/30/19: 4-2-1 (2nd place)


League Cup 4/7/19: 8-0-1 (1st place)

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