What’s up Some1spc readers, Its Israel and here with another article about a last minute option for Dallas. In this article I will be covering my last month and will be bringing back an old deck that can possibly make a strong run in Dallas. I will not be talking about the new set since I’m focusing on the Dallas Regionals but will make an article the week of St. Louis so definitely look forward to that if you’re lost in the new set.

League Cups
Yveltal Maxie’s Parallel
Yveltal Maxie’s Lasers

This last month has been extremely busy for me since work has picked up but I did find the time to test some ideas. I participated in two Cups and played Tapu Koko spread aka Gucci Gang. I was debating on posting the list before Dallas but since a couple of people are considering it including myself, I will not post the list out of respect.

Bakersfield League Cup (Deck: Gucci Gang)
Round 1 Lycanroc/Zoroark W
Round 2 Mega Mewtwo W
Round 3 Toad/Lasers/Zoroark L
Round 4 Raticate Break/Zoroark W
Round 5 Golisopod/Zoroark L (I lost due to forgetting my prize cards but won the fun one)
Round 6 Lycanroc/Zoroark W
Top 8 Toad/Lasers/Zoroark LL
Riverside League Cup (Deck: Gucci Gang)
Round 1 Lycanroc/Zoroark L
Round 2 Golisopod/Zoroark W
Round 3 Trevenant/Zoroark/Barbacle W
Round 4 Golisopod/Zoroark W
Round 5 LonzoZoroark W
Round 6 Mega Ray ID
Top 8 Zoroark/Vespiquen/Gallade LWL

My first Cup of this quarter helped me wrap up my invite and now qualify for the World Championship in Nashville. The thing that has really stood out to me is how much Zoroark there is in my area, and that's how it has been in other areas. Zoroark is going to be in Dallas in so many different shapes or forms. This got me thinking for the last couple of days and I realized how good Gallade is at the moment. This is what really motivated me to try a blast from the past and in testing it has shown some good results especially in this Zoroark Meta. Let's talk about Yveltal Maxie’s.

Yveltal Maxie’s

This deck died out earlier this season due to the amount of Garb that was in the format. Also the fact that they banned a card that was pretty crucial in the deck to the point that it wasn’t playable. That Meta is gone and while Archeops is still banned. Without anything that’s really punishing you for the amount of Items you have used, this is the perfect time for its return. Now the biggest question that I had for this deck was which version was the best, is it going to be Lasers or the control version with Parallel City? Well no worries, I will be giving you a list for each to see what suits you best.

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