All right people, I am back with another article for, yes you guessed it, Standard. I know that most of you are like me and are completely sick of this stale format. In order to add a little bit of excitement into your locals, and maybe Virginia Regionals, I will be talking about two decks that are not talked about very often. Much like you all, I am so bored of all the top decks, and I cannot wait for Sun and Moon 2: Guardian Rising, but there is still Virginia Regionals, as well as League Cups, that have to be worried about before then. So today, I will be talking about the deck that I played for Utah Regionals, Gyarados, and a deck that I believe is extremely fun and that, in the right meta, could be a serious contender, Golduck.

II.Deck Breakdown
V.Tech Options
VII.Closing Thoughts

First, let’s talk about why I decided to play Gyarados in Utah. This deck’s power level is through the roof, as it is extremely consistent thanks to the lack of Pokémon and the abundant amount of consistency cards. If you do not expect a lot of Decidueye, or you just do not care about that deck, which is how I felt going into Utah, then there should be nothing stopping you from playing Gyarados. This deck has positive match ups across the board, with the exception of an extremely unfavorable match up against Decidueye of any type. This is kind of how I tend to pick my decks for most big tournaments, if you haven’t been able to tell yet. I like to have extremely favorable matchups and then just take an auto loss to something that I am not expecting to see a lot of play. This is what I did with Solgaleo/Lurantis (Shout out to Ahmed) in Anaheim and finished in the top 16. I felt like Utah was the perfect storm for Gyarados and feel like it could be a dominant play for Virginia. People tend to dislike Decidueye more than they want to play it, and that is why I did not play a single match against Decidueye all day in Utah. Unfortunately, I lost two Win-and-Ins into Day 2 in a row. I believe the other Gyarados player there also did not play against one, until the last round of day two. All right now, let us talk about the list I would use, and why I picked some of the cards in the deck, because I know that’s what you really want to read.

Gyarados Utah Regionals


  • 4 Magikarp
  • 3 Gyarados
  • 1 Remoraid
  • 1 Octillery
  • 1 Shaymin EX


  • 4 Professor Sycamore
  • 2 N
  • 2 Lysandre
  • 2 Teammates
  • 1 Pokemon Ranger
  • 1 Professor Kukui
  • 4 VS Seeker
  • 4 Puzzle of Time
  • 4 Dive Ball
  • 4 Trainers' Mail
  • 3 Ultra Ball
  • 3 Buddy Buddy Rescue
  • 2 Float Stone
  • 1 Level Ball
  • 1 Lucky Helmet
  • 1 Super Rod
  • 1 Special Charge
  • 1 Town Map
  • 4 Team Magma’s Secret Base


  • 4 Double Colorless Energy


Key Techs


This card has been in and out of this deck for some time now. I firmly believe that playing at least a 1-1 Octillery is too good, and taking them out for more Lucky Helmet just does not get the job done most of the time. Having the assurance against N late game is too important, and against Garbodor decks, you typically have a good enough match up to where it won’t be a hindrance. Playing this card also lets you play other cute cards, like my Ilima that most people did not believe that I actually played. Which brings me to the next card…


Yes, this is the card that I know you just Googled to find out what it does. I decided last second to play this card mainly as a joke, but it turned out to be an amazing tech in the deck. When you are playing Octillery, you are able to use Ilima and even if you flip tails, you will be able to draw up to five because of Abyssal Hand. The other application of this card is against Quad Lapras. They really can’t do anything if they have been using Collect, and then you Ilima them and they flip tails. All of their resources are gone and they have to start again. When I played against Michael Pramawat in the last round of the tournament. he N’d me knowing that I had Ilima and told me it was because he could not afford to flip tails. That is actually a pretty powerful effect. “Would Judge have been a better card because it guarantees them at four cards?” I was asked this a lot during the weekend and the answer is simple, yes it is better, BUT it is not so much better to warrant playing it, because dropping down an Ilima at the top tables and seeing everyone’s reactions was the greatest feeling in the world. This format is stale and sometimes we have to put in special cards to make our tournaments more enjoyable.

Pokémon Ranger

This card was absolutely worthless and should have not been played. I was expecting a lot more Darkrai Dragons then what actually popped up. Most people switched to regular Turbo Dark last second, which made my Ranger completely useless, as I included it just to counter Giratina EX’s Chaos Wheel. If I could redo the tournament, I would definitely have taken it out for a second Lucky Helmet, because that card is unbelievably good. If you are expecting a lot of Giratina though, this card is very helpful and will actually win you the match up. You one shot Giratina if you surprise them with Ranger, which makes it too difficult for them to recover.

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