Hey Some1sPC readers! It’s been a hot minute! I’ve been busy with pursuing my doctorate this past year, but the second year of school has proved to be a little more chill, so I’ve decided to hit this season hard! I’m going to be talking to you guys today about a deck that I think has a ton of potential heading into the Expanded format. If you were watching the World Championships a few weekends ago, you’ll have seen that Mew-Box won the whole thing, using the incredible flexibility of Mewtwo & Mew-GX to hit hard and adapt to any situation it’s put in. I figured if Mew-Box can be a strong force in Standard, there’s no question that it’ll be even fiercer in Expanded with so many more tools at its disposal.


The biggest new tool that it gets is Dimension Valley. Dimension Valley has been an inclusion in many of the top decks in the Expanded format in recent years and nowadays is no exception. Night March, Trevenant, and the old Necrozma/Garb chose D Valley as their Stadium of choice as a way to attack as efficiently as possible. I think Necrozma/Garb is the deck that took the most advantage of it, combining it with Double Colorless Energy to utilize a CCC attack for just one attachment. With how much hype that Mew FCO got upon its release because of its interaction with D Valley, Mewtwo & Mew-GX should get an exponential amount more. (Note: I’ll be referring to Mewtwo & Mew-GX as solely “Mewtwo” for the sake of brevity). Mewtwo isn’t restricted to only copying Basic Pokémon, and it can even copy Pokémon in the Discard pile, all while having a massive 270-HP. So let’s look into the tools that Mewtwo has at its disposal, and why I think it can become one of the top decks in the Expanded format. 

Mew-Box not only gains D Valley as a way to efficiently recruit the attacks of Pokémon from the past but it also gains Battle Compressor as an effective way to discard all of said Pokémon. Because of the versatility that Mewtwo is capable of, there are a ton of different ways in which to build the deck. We could try to achieve full efficiency by using D Valley in combination with Welder and Double Colorless Energy to use high-Energy attacks like Charizard-GX’s “Crimson Blaze” as quickly as possible, or we could try a slower approach with Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor-GX, which I’ll get into later in the article. 


Before we get into the plethora of ways in which we can build Mew-Box, I want to give you all a comprehensive list of all of the Pokémon-EX and –GX that are Expanded legal right now to get an idea of what sorts of capabilities we can take advantage of. I think it’s super exciting because many of these cards saw next to no play but gain some new life thanks to Mewtwo. We’ll also look at some of the different situations that these Pokémon’s attacks will be useful in, depending on what your build is trying to accomplish. 


Here’s my list of Pokémon –EX and –GX that have some sort of playability now with Mewtwo-GX and I’ll give some explanations to the ones that I think have the most potential. 


(Note: There are some Pokémon on here that have massive Darkness Energy requirements because I imagined some sort of possible Mew-Box deck that could use Milotic FLF to achieve some of these high-Energy requirements quickly.)


Alolan Ninetales-GX


Reshiram & Charizard-GX

Naganadel-GX UNM

Dragonite-GX UNM

Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor-GX 

Alolan Raichu & Raichu-GX

M Sableye & Tyranitar-GX


Umbreon & Darkrai-GX

Espeon & Deoxys-GX


Alolan Marowak-GX


Pheromosa & Buzzwole-GX


Eevee & Snorlax-GX


Wailord & Magikarp-GX


Solgaleo-GX PR




Naganadel-GX FLI



Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX









Tapu Koko-GX






Lycanroc-GX FLI

Lycanroc-GX PR


Solgaleo-GX SUM




M Mewtwo-EX

M Glalie-EX



M Sceptile-EX


M Rayquaza-EX ROS 61

M Diancie-EX

M Gengar-EX

M Gardevoir-EX 



Tornadus-EX PLF 

Latios-EX PLF


Tapu Fini-GX




Alolan Ninetales-GX GRI

“Ice Path GX” was already good enough to earn Ninetales some play upon release but it gets even better now when it can be used by a 270-HP Pokémon for a single Colorless Energy with D Valley. “Ice Blade” can also provide some snipe for taking out big threats to Mewtwo like Garbodor and Alolan Muk.


Naganadel-GX FLI 

“Stinger GX” is the single best GX attack in the game right now since, at best, it says, “take three prizes and give your opponent an extra two prizes.” It can be used for a Triple Acceleration Energy or copied by Mewtwo now for just a Double Colorless Energy with D Valley.


Dragonite-GX UNM 

This card fights with Kingdra-GX for a spot in ArchieStoise to provide Mewtwo with a strong one-shot option. Dragonite allows Mewtwo to hit 270 for five, whereas Kingdra hits 260 for the same amount of Energy but without the drawback of having to discard three. Speaking of Kingdra-GX



This is a card that already sees play for its “Hydro Pump” attack in Archie’s, but that’s not all it has going for it. “Maelstrom GX” is a powerful GX attack when it can be used before your opponent gets a chance to evolve their smaller Basic Pokémon, as I’ll show later in one of my favorite Mew-Box builds.



“Lost Purge” is such a good attack that it was featured in some stall decks last format along with Counter Gain and Double Colorless Energy in order to instantly rid an opponent’s board of a threat. Now we can skip Counter Gain altogether and use “Lost Purge” for a Double Colorless Energy whenever we need to with D Valley. 

Solgaleo-GX PR / Solgaleo-GX SUM

Both of these Solgaleo are rock stars with Mewtwo. The promo Solgaleo provides an insane attack to copy for just one Colorless Energy. Attacking for 120 for one Energy on the first turn of the game, while at the same time accelerating to the Bench is really good, especially when you can loop Acerola/AZ to create a healing loop.


Solgaleo-GX SUM never quite saw play besides upon release with the Solgaleo/Lurantis deck, but now it gives Mewtwo the potential to hit for 230 damage for only two Energy. 230 damage isn’t what it used to be, but when combined with other cards that the Expanded format provides it proves to be good enough to also earn a spot in one of my lists.



“Cantankerous Beatdown” is a fantastic GX attack on a 270-HP Pokémon and one that’ll make your opponent think twice before hitting into your Mewtwo. This is the superior option over Tauros-GX, since you don’t have to risk starting it.


Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor-GX 

Right now, this is my favorite card to pair with Mewtwo. We can copy “Calming Hurricane” for 150 damage for two Energy but that’s not all that Exeggutor offers. If copied by Mewtwo, it offers a fantastic way to get Stage 2 Pokémon into play without having to be stuck using “Calming Hurricane” all game. One of my lists later on uses Alolan Exeggutor-GX‘s “Super Growth” to spew Vileplume into play to lock Items immediately while your opponent has to deal with your Mewtwo & Mew-GX.



I really like Altaria-GX because it not only provides Safeguard protection from GX and EX Pokémon, but its second attack also gives you a counter to pesky Safeguard Pokémon that Mewtwo would normally struggle with. So far, I’m not entirely confident in its usefulness since Pokemon Ranger is a thing, but I think it has potential especially if you can combine it with locking cards like Vileplume.



If Mewtwo makes its way into PikaRom in the future, I think Raikou could be a really cool addition. It would only be used for its GX attack but being able to spread 100 to anything with Energy could prove to be useful in niche situations.



“Black Ray GX” has seen play in the past because of its potential to use with D Valley and Double Colorless Energy, and then pivot into Tapu Lele PR using “Magical Swap” for a single Psychic Energy. We can do the same thing with Mewtwo but a little more seamlessly since we don’t need to find a way to retreat to Necrozma and attach to a Pokémon that will only be used for its GX attack. 



Just like why it was played in Necrozma/Garb, “Righteous Edge” is a solid attack especially when it can be used for zero energy with D Valley. “Berserk” is also a nice option, and “Big Wheel GX” can save you from a dead hand, like when you’ve already used “Super Growth” to get a Vileplume into play.



Finally, a cool card that has seen absolutely no play gains some usage thanks to Mewtwo. It could maybe be played in a Vileplume version of Mew-Box that focuses on milling the opponent out to bring the opponent’s Pokémon up and confuse them while also providing access to a potentially debilitating GX attack. 



“Quaking Punch” is as good as ever and now it can be used by a 270-HP Pokémon for a single Colorless Energy… Since Mewtwo can copy any Pokémon-EX or –GX, you could play Noivern instead, hitting for a bit more damage and providing a second attack that could lock Zoroark out of the game. 



Now for my second favorite card to play with Mewtwo. I think if this card were legal for the World Championships it would have made its way into the winning deck 100%. This card is a great example of how Mewtwo can breathe life into older Pokémon that were right on the cusp of being good but held back because they were a Stage 2. “Crimson Blaze” is an absolutely monstrous attack that can be used for four Fire when paired with D Valley, and if you add Welder to boot, you can be taking out Tag Teams right out of the gates. Charizard-GX also offers a hilarious GX attack that will have Mill decks scared of thinning their decks too low. “Raging Out GX” is so cool and incredibly easy to use now thanks to Mewtwo. 



There are plenty of good damaging GX attacks; this makes the ones that have a unique effect instead of just dealing a lot of damage that much more interesting. Mew-Box is all about using attacks that are best to fit whatever situation you’re in and “Plea GX” can provide that by removing two of your opponent’s threats from the board. It’s super useful against things like Rayquaza/Ho-Oh that rely on having a bunch of Energy built up on board and would be majorly inconvenienced by having to pick up a Rayquaza-GX with three Energy and a Ho-Oh with two. 



I can’t overstate how good “Dead End GX” became as soon as Tag Teams were released. Mewtwo can copy it for two Dark Energy and take an instant three prize cards regardless of HP.



Mewtwo also gets access to devolution, using “Miraculous Shine” for zero energy. 


M Glalie-EX 

That’s right; Megas can make a comeback now, too! M Glalie’s “Cryo Mouth” hits for a ton of damage–damage that was quite frankly too much for when the card was released. 250 is a welcome number to hit now, especially for just a WCC cost. This is a lot like “Cantankerous Beatdown,” but without having to use your GX attack. I think I like Solgaleo GX SUM over this card so far though because “Sunsteel Strike” can be used by a fresh Mewtwo, and since Glalie requires Mewtwo to already take 100 damage, it’s likely that it’ll be knocked out and you’ll lose the two Energy on it anyway. 


M Sceptile-EX 

“Jagged Saber” is another cool attack that was unfortunately put on a Grass Mega Evolution when Volcanion-EX was at its prime. Mewtwo can copy it now for a single Grass Energy while also healing massive amounts of damage. I still don’t think it’s quite good enough, unfortunately, since it hits for a pitiful 100 damage and can’t accelerate or heal the Active Pokémon, so you’ll have to switch between Mewtwo every turn. 


M Gengar-EX 

“Phantom Gate” lets Mewtwo copy even more attacks! Any of your opponent’s Pokémon’s attacks are fair game now for just two attachments. 


M Mewtwo-EX 

“Psychic Infinity” used to be the way to hit for absurd amounts of damage but may not be enough nowadays. It still might have potential though as an efficient hard-hitting attack.


M Gardevoir-EX STS

Now this card is a little more relevant than the other Megas. “Despair Ray” gets a lot better when paired with Giratina LOT to constantly be able to hit your opponent’s Bench for 30-40 snipe on two of their Pokémon. Now we don’t have to rely on getting out a Mega to achieve this combo.



“Dual Splash” is a great example of a lackluster attack having some potential when combined with D Valley. A WWC cost is quite a lot but when able to be used for just WW, it gets a little more reasonable. I think this card could have some value in Mewtwo Spread but hasn’t made its way into my list yet since Alolan Ninetales already serves a pretty similar purpose. 



I’ve seen some buzz about Mewtwo being able to copy “X Ball” from its older EX counterpart, but I hate to say it… “X Ball” just isn’t good anymore. When I can choose between using “X Ball” for 120 with three Energy on both Active Pokémon, or using Solgaleo’s “Turbo Strike” for 120 for one Energy while also accelerating to the Bench, I’m going to choose the latter. 


So now that we’ve gone over just how much Mewtwo has access to in the Expanded format, let’s pick and choose some Pokémon to center some builds around. I’ve been testing Expanded Mew-Box A LOT, and my favorite builds so far are Mewtwo Spread and Mewtwo/Vileplume.



This version of Mew-Box focuses on utilizing all the spread cards that Mewtwo has at its disposal. Not only does it get access to a bunch of different spread moves like “Ice Blade” and “Maelstrom GX,” but it also gets to use M Gardevoir’s “Despair Ray” to discard Giratina and then use “Distortion Door” right again the next turn. Let’s go through the card choices:


4 Mewtwo & Mew-GX

We want to start this card as often as possible since a Giratina start is absolutely horrendous. Playing four copies also gives us some leeway if we need to discard a damaged Mewtwo from our Bench with “Despair Ray.”


3 Giratina LOT

I originally had this count at a full four copies but I was just starting it way too many times. After playing enough games, I also realized that I wasn’t always getting the full four Giratina onto my Bench anyway, especially since Sudowoodo is so popular. There have been times where I’ve wanted four, but I think three is the correct count. The spread from “Distortion Door” sets up knockouts for “Despair Ray” (since it’s usually hitting for 150-160) and Solgaleo’s “Sunsteel Strike” (since 230 is just shy sometimes). It can also threaten annoying smaller-HP Pokémon on the Bench, like Mew UNB.


2 M Gardevoir-EX

This provides the backbone of the deck, giving us the main attack that we want to use a majority of the time. “Despair Ray” allows us to hit the Active Pokémon for a ton of damage while spreading to the Bench at the same time. The spread from “Distortion Door” makes Evolution matchups incredibly easy, especially when we get to use it turn and turn again. The fact that we can also use “Despair Ray” for a single Fairy Energy while D Valley is in play means that we can be tanky at the same time, using Acerola to loop Mewtwo.


2 Dedenne-GX/2 Shaymin-EX

Our extra draw power for the deck. Dedenne-GX gives us some nice extra discard for Pokémon that get stuck in our hand, and Shaymin-EX lets us draw more while providing Mewtwo with the all-powerful “Sky Return” attack. If you thought Shaymin was annoying while using a “Sky Return” loop, then try having an enormous Tag Team Pokemon do it to you…


1 Kingdra-GX

This deck really prides itself on taking easy knockouts when possible and it is so satisfying when you do. “Maelstrom GX” going second is such a strong play when combined with Giratina’s “Distortion Door.” Imagine going up against Zoroark, and for a single Battle Compressor, you can discard Kingdra-GX and two Giratina, then “Distortion Door” and “Maelstrom GX” for a knockout on two Zorua. I think the coolest play I’ve done with Kingdra was against a Zoroark/Raticate deck online where they started Rattata and used Brigette for Rattata and two Zorua. I used Battle Compressor to get rid of a Kingdra and two Giratina and used “Maelstrom GX” to take out every single one of my opponent’s Pokémon on turn two. 


1 Jirachi-GX

This card is in here since Night March is a thing, although that matchup is insanely easy thanks to all of the spread we play. This card also gives rise to the COOLEST play that you can make with this deck (which is really saying something since this deck has a lot of cool plays already). When facing down another Mewtwo, you can have your Jirachi-GX on the Bench to protect you from Weakness, and then when you’re ready to retaliate, you can use “Despair Ray” and discard Jirachi. Since the effect of “Despair Ray” reads that the discard happens first, Jirachi is no longer in play to give your opponent’s Pokemon Weakness protection and you can one-shot their Mewtwo. 


1 Alolan Ninetales-GX/0 Kyogre-EX

I’m putting both of these cards under the same section because they fulfill some of the same functions. If you’ve been wondering how in the world I address “Garbotoxin” with this deck, this is it. Whenever the opponent benches a Trubbish, you need to target it ASAP. “Ice Blade” allows you one-shot Trubbish on the Bench after two “Distortion Doors,” and also gives Mewtwo access to “Ice Path GX,” which has been incredibly useful in my testing. If you find room for Kyogre-EX, it is nice to knockout two Trubbish at a time to completely keep your opponent off of Garbodor, but I haven’t used it much of at all when I’ve included it in the list.


1 Solgaleo-GX SUM

Sometimes, your opponent gets a big Pokémon going, and you just need to address it. “Sunsteel Strike” lets you hit for 230 for a measly two Energy with D Valley. After “Distortion Door” damage, this is enough to knockout most Tag Team GXs. The Energy discard is negligible when you get to continue using “Despair Ray” again next turn for another attachment. 


1 Necrozma-GX/1 Tapu Lele PR

This combo is deadly and has already been seen in Expanded before. We play four Dimension Valley, which means that “Black Ray GX” and “Magical Swap” are fairly easy to use. This combo is an easy way to address decks that play a plethora of Pokémon-EX and –GX like Rayquaza/Ho-Oh. 


1 Espeon-EX

Whenever we’re playing Spread, I think it’s always worth finding a space for Espeon-EX. After just two turns of using your full three “Distortion Door” Abilities you’re ready to devolve and take out two Zoroark-GX


1 Acerola 

Looping 270-HP Pokémon and denying Prizes is cool. One copy is sufficient since we can also copy Shaymin’s “Sky Return” or even (God forbid) “Prominence GX” if we really need to heal our damage. 


2 Guzma/1 Escape Rope

Since “Distortion Door” is a busted Ability but only spreads to the Bench, I opted to bump up to two Guzma so we can send something that was already hit with “Despair Ray” back to the Bench to finish off with Giratina’s snipe more reliably.


2 Colress

Colress is so cool in this deck when you can activate Giratina, fill your Bench, maximize your draw with Colress, and then discard them all with “Despair Ray.”


1 Field Blower

Garbodor is a good card and sometimes we need one more turn of using “Ice Blade” in order to finish it off.


4 Dimension Valley

I’ve already praised this card so much, so I’ll just say this: another card that gives us problems is Power Plant. It can totally shut off our whole game plan, so we play a whole suite of Stadiums to make sure that we can compete in the Stadium war.


4 Prism Energy/4 Rainbow Energy

Since we want to use so many different colors of attacks, we’re stuck having to play Rainbow Energy over any of the Blend or Unit Energy. Luckily we have Prism Energy, too, rock on.



This is my current testing build for a Fire version of Mew-Box with Vileplume. The Giant Heart/Welder combo fits really well in a Vileplume deck, since we can’t use any Items to search out or accelerate Energy. I also have a more typical Mew-Box list in the works with Jolteon-EX and the like, but I wasn’t comfortable enough in the consistency or quality of the list to share it. This version sacrifices some of the protection that Jolteon-EX or Glaceon-EX provide, but I feel like the aggression that Welder provides is enough to make up for that, so let’s go into some of the card choices.


2 Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor-GX

The star of the show (well… other than Mewtwo…). We usually just want to discard this card with Battle Compressor straight away so that Mewtwo can copy “Super Growth.” We play two copies so that we don’t have to worry about one being prized, since without them, there is zero chance we get Vileplume into play. You could also Bench one down if you absolutely need to copy “Super Growth” but without AZ or Acerola, it’s not ideal.


3-3-3 Vileplume

Just kidding, here’s the real star of the show! You thought banning Forest of Giant Plants would get rid of Vileplume, well you were wrong. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We can spew Vileplume into play with Exeggutor to completely cripple our opponents. We also get a new “Stun Spore” Oddish and Ability Gloom to play with, although their effects are almost entirely negligible. Sometimes Gloom can be cool to see what you’re opponent is working with or play down a Shaymin or Dedenne that they were hoping to use for the next turn.


1 Eevee & Snorlax-GX

These big boys are here so we can hit things like Zoroark-GX and other Evolution Pokémon for massive damage. It uses Colorless Energy so we can take full advantage of the efficiency of Welder and Double Colorless Energy combined. “Megaton Friends” can also be helpful if you’re in a pinch and your own Vileplume is causing you to draw dead.


1 Reshiram & Charizard-GX

The big hitter. It’s important to remember that Mewtwo can use “Flare Strike” and then any other attack it wants next turn, since ReshiZard only specifies that it specifically can’t use “Flare Strike” on the following turn. 


1 Solgaleo-GX PR

Here we have the other Solgaleo-GX seeing the light of day. This card gets much better when we actually play Basic Energy and not just eight Special Energy like the last list. Being able to accelerate Fire Energy helps us to charge up a big Mewtwo for a “Crimson Blaze” for the next turn.


1 Charizard-GX

My favorite card in this deck. Charizard is awesome, and its attacks are awesome too. “Crimson Blaze” lets us readily deal with our opponent’s threats, and “Raging Out GX” gives us an answer to mill decks.


4 Cynthia/4 Welder/3 Guzma/1 N

Cynthia is the best card for Vileplume since we want to conserve our resources. Four Welder is ideal since it’s our Energy acceleration and draw support. Three Guzma helps us switch our Vileplume when the opponents choose to Guzma it themselves, and one N is because putting your opponent to one or two cards is really good when you’re locking Items.


3 Giant Hearth/0 Dimension Valley

I opted for Giant Hearth over Dimension Valley in this build since we really need ways to find Energy under Item lock, but also after playing a few games, I realized that D Valley wasn’t super helpful with the spread of Pokémon that I’ve chosen to play here. I much preferred the Energy search.


9 Fire/1 Double Colorless

Lastly, nine Fire has been the perfect number, and the one Double Colorless helps in niche situations when you need it to “Crimson Blaze,” “Dump Truck Press,” “Turbo Strike,” or even “Sky Return” loop. 




Hope you enjoyed these two off-the-wall versions of Mew-Box that I’ve been cooking up. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing these online, as I just think that Mewtwo is such a cool card and gets even cooler with the massive card pool that we have in Expanded. With that being said, I hope that my comprehensive list of useful Pokemon-EX and –GX can be helpful to you all in cooking up your own cool Mew-Box builds. Until next time!