Hey Some1sPC readers! I'm back after a short writing hiatus, and I'm here to talk to you about one of my most played decks as of late, Garbodor. I've been playing Garbodor for quite a few of the Regionals since Trashalanche was released (even at Worlds!), and I seem to fall back on it when I can't decide what to play. At its inception, the deck was very oppressive, as the standard way to build decks had a ton of Items. However, as deck building progressed, Gardevoir GX was released, and the rotation taking away a decent amount of the good Items to be played, Garbodor decks became a lot more balanced. As a deck that can be teched to deal with specific meta-games (even more-so in expanded), it always has the possibility to come back and do incredibly well at events. With that said, Espeon Garbodor is the variant I've been testing the most for Saint Louis Regionals next weekend.

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