Hello Some1spc Readers, it’s Israel and I’m back again with another article about the Standard format. It's been a while since my last article, but I have some new topics and a deck variant that is a little different from my usual articles. Yes, that means something that doesn't have patches and no it is not Lycanroc. So let's go through what I will be discussing in this article.

I.London and Prerelease
II.Silvally GX (Psychic and Dark)

London and Prerelease

So London is approaching and many of us are testing out of our minds trying to crack the format. I recently just booked my flights and have been more stressed about needing visas for my stops than anything else. I booked my flight two weeks ago and I’ve been dealing with financial problems for the last couple months due to work slowing down. So my girlfriend, her sister, and I decided we should try to find the cheapest route. I literally searched for hours trying the find the cheapest way to get there. I did find a flight and didn't realize what I did until after I payed. I decided to fly us to Sweden then into London and on the way back I will fly from London to Norway then back to Los Angeles. So I’ve been calling the airport seeing if I need any paperwork and so far Norway is clear but Sweden is unsure but said that if I don't leave the terminal I should be fine. If there's anything to be learned from this it’s to book earlier and don't try to find the cheapest route without knowing the consequences. Regardless of this situation, I am pretty excited for this tournament and what the new set has in store for us.

I was so excited that I even attended a prerelease this last weekend. I haven't attended a prerelease since Next Destinies was released about five years ago. There are so many things I want from this set that I couldn't resist going. The tournament itself was a blast and I had a lot of fun especially being able to not think about playing for money but instead for fun. Unfortunately, I didn't pull what I wanted but I did get a sweet hyper rare Guzzlord GX. There are many cards in this set that I see potential in and one of them I will be talking about. This card is Silvally GX.

Silvally GX

When I first read the translation of this card, I instantly fell in love with it. So let's go over what it does before I rant and rave about the positive and negatives of the card.

Stage 1 210HP

Ability: Gyro Unit
Your Basic Pokémon in play have no Retreat Cost.

This ability is what started the crush for me. It's basically Darkrai EX and Manaphy EX without requiring the appropriate Energy to be attached. Since you don't need a specific Energy to move your Pokémon around, you basically can move as freely as you want. The mobility this card brings makes it extremely viable. However, it doesn't help evolved Pokémon to move around, so that means this card doesn't have free retreat. I personally think this is better than the other two and here's why. One, you don't need a certain Energy to move around. Two, in Expanded you can play a Keldeo to Rush In and retreat without a Float Stone or Energy. Also, Silent Lab doesn't shut down Gyro Unit.

CCC Turbo Drive 120
Attach a basic Energy card from your discard pile to 1 of your benched Pokémon

This accelerates your Energy on board while hitting like a truck. Yveltal XY, Volcanion, Rayquaza, and now Raikou all have a similar attack and the first two see a lot of play already. The problem is that they don't hit hard enough and their HP is too low. Yes, Volcanion can hit hard with a couple Steam Ups but you need to discard three Energy just to reach 110 damage. This is where Silvally GX surpasses them with the high HP and it hits hard without any damage modifiers needed. With the Fighting and Psychic Memory Tools this set provided you can hit for weakness and possibly one shot other Pokémon while accelerating Energy onto your board to continue the pressure.

CCC Rebel GX 50x
This attack does 50 damage for each of your opponent's Benched Pokémon.

This is pretty much Lycanroc GX’s attack but the upside is that Silvally can change to a different type. So you can one-shot anything weak to Psychic or Fighting and with Zoroark becoming popular enough to be included in most decks it's pretty safe to say you will average 200 damage per use. Also, keep in mind that you can knock out a Buzzwole GX with just two Pokémon on their bench if you have Psychic Memory attached to Silvally.

Weakness: Fighting 2x
Retreat: CC

"What do I pair it with?" was the number one problem I had. Do I make it support or make it a main attacker? I went insane with these questions and tried to figure out what the perfect option for it is. With Fighting Weakness being something to be concerned about I was questioning whether or not it was worth being the main attacker? Then I realized that most Fighting types are weak against Psychic. For Standard, that's Gallade and Buzzwole, in Expanded its Marshadow and also Gallade. So for the rest of this article, I will be talking about Standard lists (2 of them). In Expanded there are too many things that I want to try with it and the thought of being able to make it Water, Fire, and Lighting (Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon) is something that I will have to come back to. So here's the first list:

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