Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to get a majority of this article done. I figured I’d just toss my list out there with a small explanation of techs so everyone can use it for their cups!

Tech Options

1 Dhelmise

I added Dhelmise here to combat all the spread decks in my area. A big majority of them are playing Giratina, Naganadel, and Tapu Koko so getting Solgaleo Promo to OHKO them with 130 is important. Dhelmise can also help us OHKO Decidueye GX with Solgaleo SUM but usually, you just target down Zoroark GX in that matchup.

1 Baby Alolan Ninetales

This card is your only chance to take down Buzztales and Blacephelon/Naga in a consistent fashion. With 2 Choice Band, 2 Water Energy, and 4 Double Colorless Energy, its not uncommon to attach a Water Energy on turn 1 to my Alolan Vulpix then use it to start pressuring Blacephelon on turn 2. Since we have Dhelmise in the list, getting it off Ultra Ball or Beacon will allow us to OHKO a Naganadel who might end up getting a Beast Ring to answer our Ninetales on turn 2 or 3. Keep that play in mind when you’re applying alot of pressure to Blacephelon early.

1 Champions Festival

This deck lacks any kind of Stadium so you play a copy of Champion’s Festival or Brooklet Hill depending on what you expect from your meta. Festival is for spread and Brooklet Hill is for your consistency.

2 Max Potion

Don’t touch this count. You need 2. Prizing 1 is awful but having 2 to use throughout the game is critical for when our deck just random doesn’t feel like giving you the combo cards you need. Our gameplan vs any deck that can’t OHKO Solgaleo GX SUM is load it up with Promo. Guzma OHKO a GX on their bench then Ultra Road back into Promo, Max Potion the damaged one, and repeat.


Decidueye/Ninetales/Zoroark Favored

Being able to OHKO their entire deck and playing 2 copies of Max Potion pushes this matchup in our favor. Since they rely on Ninetales GX to get out their setup quickly, it becomes a free 2 prizes to bring up with Guzma whenever we need to. Most of the time I save this for the final 2 prizes but if your hand goes stale, take the 2 prizes so you can close out with Solgaleo GX. Alolan Ninetales is also an amazing attacker here since we can Guzma OHKO Decidueye GX and force a 3HKO with Alolan Ninetales as they might just feather it for 20.

Blacephelon Even

Solgaleo Promo takes away weakness but not the early pressure that their deck can dish out if we have a slow start. Your gameplan is to use 2 Swampert and Alolan Ninetales to take out all their Blacephelon then Solgaleo GX Promo to handle their Naganadel if they decide to load one up with Beast Energy. I mark this matchup as even because Marshadow Let Loose can turn all these games into awful matchups so we never get to our setup.

Granbull Favored

Granbull can’t handle the onslaught of 120 with Solgaleo GX Promo, Max Potion, and Guzma OHKO Magcargo. Eventually, their consistency slows down and we’re with taking 2 for 2 Prize trades. Don’t play into their Diantha if you’re able to avoid it, just set up a turn to Beacon instead of swinging at them.

Gardevoir/Swampert/Ninetales Favored

Even if they setup their Solgaleo GX, we can OHKO it with Sun Steel Strike or just Guzma OHKO their Cosmog. From there, you just roll through their deck due to weakness and laugh at anything they do to make a comeback. Swampert isn’t a big threat as you can Sun Steel Strike it and discarding all your energy makes it near impossible for Gardevoir GX to OHKO you.


Sorry this was a brief write up, I had a lot going on this week with work and coaching but I definitely wanted to throw this out there for all your League Cups. Please feel free to message me on Twitter @rlaparre or facebook for any tech/questions/etc you may have for the list. As always, thanks for your support!