Hello Some1pc readers, this is Israel returning with another article for the Standard format. It’s been awhile since my last article as I’ve been busy with school and work. So the last time I wrote I talked about Yveltal Maxies and a small part about Alolan Ninetales. Today I will give a more detailed article on the beloved Ninetales.

I.Leading to Fort Wayne
II.Yveltal/Seismitoad EX
III.Fort Wayne Regionals
IV.Alolan Ninetales

Leading to Fort Wayne

After a disappointing run at day two of worlds, I returned home and reflected on the horrible performance. I only won two games out of seven and it was something that I was down about. I felt that the deck was not there with me after the journey it lead me on through on day one. I knew that I couldn’t let a bad performance get to me and I realized that I didn’t put the amount of effort into testing for this Worlds Tournament like I did in the other three. So after taking a couple days off, I decided to attend Fort Wayne Regionals to start my season on the right foot and to get me to thinking positive again. I tested a lot by myself, with Kian and finally decided that I was playing Yveltal without Maxies for this Regional.

Yveltal/Seismitoad EX

Pokemon (11)

  • 2 Darkrai EX
  • 2 Tapu Lele GX
  • 2 Seismitoad EX
  • 2 Yveltal EX
  • 1 Darkrai GX
  • 1 Sudowoodo
  • 1 Sabeleye DEX

Trainers (37)

  • 3 Professor Sycamore
  • 3 N
  • 2 Guzma
  • 1 Ghetsis
  • 1 Acerola
  • 1 Colress
  • 4 Ultra Ball
  • 4 Dark Patch
  • 4 VS Seeker
  • 4 Hypnotoxic Lasers
  • 3 Fighting Fury Belt
  • 2 Battle Compressor
  • 1 Float Stone
  • 1 Computer Search
  • 2 Virbank City Gym
  • 1 Silent Lab

Energy (12)

  • 8 Dark Energy
  • 4 Double Colorless Energy


Card choices

2 Darkrai EX DEX

This is my usual staple for Yveltal decks. It’s very strong against Night March even if they have Marshadow GX and it’s a nice backup attacker to clean up damaged benched Pokémon. With two you can always move around anyway that you like.

2 Seismitoad EX

Toad is a very strong attacker with Hypnotoxic Laser and my main attacker against Night March and Trevenant.

2 Tapu Lele GX/ 0 Shaymin EX

I wanted to be more consistent and not give easy prizes to opposing players. I also expected a lot of Trevenant and have experienced multiple times how Shaymin was the reason I lost. Now that Trevenant had a poor performance I might consider adding one back into the list for Daytona.

2 Yveltal EX

This is still a stronger attacker and great to counter opposing Tapu Lele GX. Even if the Meta is more focused around single energy attackers this is still a strong attacker because of the power of Y Cyclone with Hypnotoxic Laser.

1 Darkrai GX

This card is the main attacker of the deck, with the power of Battle Compressor and Dark Patch you can bring it from discard then patch with an attachment for the turn and possibly get a turn one attacker. Even if it dies it could come right back and apply pressure to an opponent. Two copies were too much for me while testing but prizing it is not the best thing either.

1 Sableye

This is the heart of the deck and is the key to help in the Garbodor matchup. If you start with it in this matchup you can put pressure with lasers and return them to your hand so opposing Garbs can’t one shot it. This card can also creates outs for you if you need one.

1 Sudowoodo

A last minute decision but it came in very useful in some matchups. This limits opponents and makes them work with what they have. This shines in Turbo Dark and Volcanion matchups.

1 Ghetsis

This isn’t as strong as it was in the past but it’s still good in the mid game for some matchups like Garbodor and Golispod. It helps to be able to see what they have in hand and play around what they are planning to do. For example, if they have Teammates in hand, you want to try to kill with laser damage, not physical damage.

3 Fighting Fury Belt/0 Choice Band/0 Muscle Band

I chose Fighting Fury Belts over the other tools because I wanted to have a universal number for anything I would attack into and the idea of a 220 hp Darkrai/Seismitoad is too good to pass up. Also for the fact the belts make it harder for Night March to one shot your Pokémon and it makes it extremely hard on Garbodor decks to one shot a Darkrai.

1 Computer Search/0 Dowsing Machine

This one I was flipping back and forth with while testing and decided to choose Computer Search so I have better odds of hitting an early Quaking Punch by searching for the missing pieces. It also creates opportunities to search out a Battle Compressor to get Darkrai GX in the discard much more consistently. After playing it in over 30 games at Ft. Wayne I feel Computer Search did its thing but Dowsing Machine could have been a game changer in some of them.

Recommended cards


If you expect a lot of Night March then adding this card wouldn’t be a bad idea. I personally think the matchup is close to even but adding one would make this a move favorable matchup.

Absol PLF

This card didn’t come into consideration until after Ft. Wayne and the idea came from Justin Sanchez who’s been testing some ideas out. Absol would help in multiple matchups and with Laser Virbank City it reaches high numbers. It’s nice to have a strong one prize attacker in this build that doesn’t need many resources to get it powered up aside from a Dark Patch and manual attachment. A full bench plus Fighting Fury Belt and Laser Bank will hit for 160 so it definitely can come in clutch. You could even try to play some Choice Bands to hit even higher numbers.

Choice Bands/Muscle Bands

I believe that for the main tool of the deck, its matter of personal preference. I feel that Fighting Fury Belt is exactly what it needs but others could disagree and say that Choice Bands are better. There are different approaches to how a person can play this deck and you should test it to see what’s right for you and what doesn’t work.

Yveltal XY

This card has been in a lot of my articles and it’s something like the tool thing that I just mentioned, it’s a preference. If you don’t like Sableye or don’t see the purpose for when you should use it then switch it for this card. Laser Bank with Oblivion Wing can start pressuring your opponent since you’re hurting them and you’re getting energy on board. Personally, I feel that this adds more of an aggressive style for Yveltal and something that wouldn’t work for me but it’s probably the top recommended card for people that are just beginning to pick this up. Also, it’s a neat attacker for Night March and Trevenant.

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