What's good with it Some1sPC readers! It's been a while since I've written to you guys but I finally found my new inspiration to test/write aggressive after the release of Unbroken Bonds. I'll start by talking about my past couple of tournament performances and my thoughts on the rotation for worlds. Next, I'll dive into why Weezing is my top deck to play in Standard and how I've approached building it for the next couple of Regionals and NAIC. Let's get to it.

Past Tournament Performances

Since hilariously activating my "try hard" Russ mode placing me in top 8 at 2 of the 3 Regionals I attended earlier this year, my desire to play plummeted with the state of both formats and the hefty amount of time dedicated to travel. A few weeks after Greensboro Regionals, I was able to I finally secured my invite off of a 2nd place at a 16 man League Cup in my native city, Virginia Beach. Crazy enough it was in the expanded format (of which I got most of my points this year) so I got to play Archie's Blastoise to secure my final points for my World's invite as well as winning a 2 player Pikachu/Zekrom playmat by going undefeated during swiss. After this tournament, I took a gigantic break from playing competitively. While I had to luxury to do this after already securing my invite, I think taking a break from hefty tournament travel, playtesting, and theory crafting not only helped improve my play but it improved my overall outlook of how I view the game both competitively and as a desire to play. With each tournament in "try hard" mode, I grew to dislike actually playing the game more and more. Either I didn't get to play items or had to navigate around a field of Garbodor/N or Item Lock against Trev or I just played a Standard Format event where Marshadow Let Loose decided if I got to play the game at all after turn 2. This big break has done me well and I think Weezing by itself inspired me to dive back into the think tank to break the meta once again.

Why Weezing

As I might've talked about plenty of times in our Some1sPC meta talk Youtube videos, the only reason I got anywhere near close to good at this game was due to my success with Flygon BCR/Accelgor/Dusknoir back in the 2014 season. Weezing is basically a Stage 1 copy of Flygon but instead of hitting all the opponent's Pokemon in between turns, it just hits basics. This is a minor drawback considering how I think the meta will develop and the fact that Weezing has an amazing attack in Splattering Sludge. Even with the lack of Accelgor's paralyze lock, Dusknoir's damage manipulation, and Tropical Beach, I think the current Standard format has enough in it to make Weezing a top tier contender with the proper meta.

As many players who researched the Japanese meta may have seen, the top performers with this deck played a version without Ultra Ball, played a few Counter Catcher, and relied on the Pokegear/Low Guzma/Oranguru engine for consistency. I tested that version out and I'm currently at a point where I'm unsure if it’s the best way to run the deck.

With all that in mind and myself still changing my list day by day, currently sitting at 4 different versions, I'm going to drop the "core" version of the deck and throw out all my ideas with explanations that I hope lets you find the build that you enjoy.

Here's what the core should look like:

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