What’s up you beautiful people?!? Since there’s no stream for Philadelphia Regionals I’m going to constantly updated this page with the results of well known players in the community. This is going to look basic as I’m using it off my phonemail Cheers!

General field:

There’s a ton of Manectric, Yveltal, and Night March. I’ll update the field in later rounds.

Post Round 5 update! There’s a ton ofor diversity at the top tables but there’s a significant amount of Night March winning.

Round 8 update: accelgor wobb, trev, toad bats, raieels, mega ray , darkraI giratina, Greninja and Night March are at the top tables.


Russell LaParre 5-2-1

Chris Taporco 4-4 Drop

Marc Albright 2-2-2 drop


Rahul Reddy 4-1-1

Michael Canaves 2-2 drop

Grafton Roll 6-2

Jose Marrero 6-2


Alex Hill 4-2

Henry Ross Clunis 3-1-2

Michael Fouchet 6-0-2

Dustin Zimmerman 3-2-1

Christopher Schemanske 6-2

Aaron Tarbell 6-1-1

Grant Manley 4-4


Sam Vernoy 3-1-2

Eric Gansman 5-1

Treynor Wolfe 4-2-2

Nicholena Moon 0-2 drop

Andrew Mahone 1-2 drop


Phinnegan Lynch 3-2

Daniel Altavilla 3-3-2

Zach Lesage 4-2-2

Well known players:

Kevin Baxter 5-1-2

Simon Narode 2-0-2

Jimmy O’Brien 6-1-1

Sam Chen 7-0-1

Igor Costa 0-2 dropped

Andrew Wamboldt 2-0-4

Azul Griego 4-1-1

Jimmy Pendarvis 0-2 dropped

TJ Traquair 6-1-1

Jimmy McClure 6-2

Frank Diaz 4-2-2

Kyle Warden 5-1-2

Nathan Brower 3-3

Connor Finton 5-1-2

Mike Newey 2-2

Zander Bennett 2-2

Dean Nezam 5-2-2



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