We What’s up everyone!

We just wanted to make a quick announcement of our partnership with Super Rod-Cast, one of the best podcasts PTCG has to offer. Super Rod-Cast has a different look at PTCG strategy and deck building. They consider themselves the “max elixir” of PTCG Podcasts guaranteed to get your PP Up! Super Rod-Cast (SRC for short) is a bi-weekly podcast focused exclusively on the competitive Pokemon TCG scene. The 3 hosts, Kirk, Jeff and Jared each bring their own unique perspectives to the game creating a refreshing and different approach to Pokemon. Jared is the accomplished player of the group qualifying for worlds and a consistent performer at all levels of play. Jeff, with years of experience and a keen eye for lesser used cards offers new ways to attack the format. Kirk is the new guy in the scene, he does his best to keep up with the competitive aspect but he’s a great host to keep everyone in line. All the hosts are committed to qualifying for worlds and hope to get you there as well with their experiences, knowledge, and observations. They have plenty of top players in the game as their guest stars such as Bradley Curcio, Alex Hill, and Some1sPC’s own Russell LaParre. Join in every other week as they will make your old rod feel super again!


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