Hello everyone! This time I'm back to talk about the two decks that will be quite hyped in the next format. On one side we have Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX (BuzzRoc), which was already very strong and now it’s even stronger than before. On the other hand, we have Necrozma GX / Malamar / Dawn Wings Necrozma GX (UMD) an entirely new deck when it comes to the cards, but with a concept quite similar to the legendary Rayeels deck from the 2012-2013 season. With the arrival of the powerful new UMD deck, the Metagame will be significantly altered. For anyone who has played for a while, UMD is basically an improved Rayeels with greater damage, more consistency, and more features. The deck has good positioning in the Metagame with Psychic typing being great to take advantage of BuzzRoc and also Ultra Necrozma GX has the ability to knock out anything in the format, including Zoroark GX. There is a lot to be said about this deck and we have quite a bit to talk about in BuzzRoc, with the arrival of Beast Ring, Beast Energy, and Diancie Prism Star.

This is the BuzzRoc version that I am currently working on. I decided to play it without Mew FCO and Sudowoodo and bet on the strength of Beast Ring and Baby Buzzwole as my non-GX Pokémon. Baby Buzzwole is able to knock out Mew EX and Zoroark GX, so the deck still has good answers to them. Against Vikabulu and Duskzone, I try to rely on the strength of Beast Ring to have a Buzzwole with three Energies attached whenever you need it.

Baby Buzzwole seems situational since you can only use it when the opponent has four prize cards, but in fact, it is a pretty good attacker. It can also abuse Beast Ring and Beast Energy, meaning that its second attack "Swing Around" is quite useful in this deck. Its attack, in theory, hits at least for 80 damage, but in practice, it is possible to hit for 170 or even more.

I'm using four Strong Energy in addition to Beast Energy because my goal is to make Buzzwole GX hit for 70 on the first turn in virtually every game with the help of Diancie Prism Star. This damage enables knockouts on Pokémon that could not be knocked out before, such as Grubbin or even the new Rockruff that has 70 HP.

Beast Ring is a fantastic card, but I do not see why you should run more than two copies of it in the deck. This is a card that cannot be used either at the beginning of the game or at the end, that is unless your opponent has three or four prize cards. It is a useless card that will always be a nuisance to you. Max Elixir remains overpowered as it always was and the benefit of this card is valid for the entire game, and it works on any basic Pokémon, be it Ultra Beast or not.

There isn’t much to say about Diancie Prism Star, it's a Regirock EX with better Ability and because it's not a GX / EX it gives up only one prize card when knocked out. The problem is that when knocked out, Diancie Prism Star goes to Lost Zone, where there is no turning back. Some friends have opted to use a Diancie Prism Star and a Regirock EX to ensure the deck has the option to increase damage. I think Diancie is enough on its own, even more so because it won't always be a wanted target by the opponent. Both Regirock EX and Diancie Prism Star have more impact in the early game, so they can help to knock out small basic Pokémon from your opponent, thus putting tons of early game pressure on your opponent. After that, the whole BuzzRoc deck itself can reach high damage numbers to take care of most threats without needing the help of Regirock EX / Diancie Prism Star.

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