Ever since Zoroark-GX was released it’s been a no-brainer that it would find ways to warp the format and how deck building would be approached. One of the deadliest traits that Zoroark has going into any format is that it can adapt: it’s one of the few decks that respects what format we’re in. We’ve seen Zoroark morph into a deck with controlling comeback potential, to a deck that can be the aggressor. The card clearly caters to multiple strategies and it’s no stranger to them. So let’s look into the new partners that Zoroark gains going into the new Unbroken Bonds format.

Before jumping into what makes the deck tick, we first have to understand what a potential skeleton for Zoroark will look like. Here’s a starting base and why it works.


Going into the new format, I’m expecting Zoroark builds to follow this skeleton, at the very least.

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