Yo, what’s up Some1sPC readers? Since my last article I’ve been laying low, but with Portland Regionals coming up next week I’ve had to stay consistent with my testing. Thankfully I’m here with some results. Today I’m gonna talk about my 3 biggest considerations for a post-Lucario standard format.


Although I might be somewhat biased I think Gardevoir is a strong play for the event. Initial testing against Lucario has been promising, and VikaBulu making a comeback is always good news. Since only a handful of cards have changed I’ll talk about the thought process behind them and cover new matchups. However, if you want a full breakdown of this Gardy build take a look at my article all about it (https://some1spc.com/free-refills-gardevoir-octillery-standard/). Like always Gardy is a high-risk high-reward play. If you hit the Candies when you need to expect an easy Day 2. However, if you don’t, you’ll struggle to beat even the most favorable matchups. I can see why strong players shy away from Gardy, but if you’re willing to shoot the dice the odds are in your favor.



Pokemon (17)

  • 4 Ralts
  • 2 Kirlia
  • 1 Gallade
  • 3 Gardevoir GX
  • 3 Tapu Lele-GX
  • 2 Remoraid
  • 2 Octillery

Trainers (32)

  • 4 N
  • 2 Brigette
  • 3 Guzma
  • 3 Cynthia
  • 4 Ultra Ball
  • 4 Rare Candy
  • 3 Choice Band
  • 1 Evosoda
  • 2 Max Potion
  • 2 Field Blower
  • 2 Super Rod
  • 2 Parallel City

Energy (11)

  • 4 Double Colorless Energy
  • 7 Fairy Energy


The Cuts

-1 Gallade

In a Zoroark heavy format, Gallade earns its weight in gold, however with the dramatic absence of Zoroark in Charlotte’s Top 8 2 Gallade seems excessive. One is more than enough for the instances where you need it, and double Super Rod is there in case you need more.

-1 Evosoda

While double Evosoda was a really strong play for the overall consistency of the deck I think the slot can be used more effectively. With 1 copy you’ll always be happy to see it, and its 1 less card to get stuck in your hand once you’re set up.

-1 Mallow

I simply ran into too many situations where I either needed 3 cards for a combo, or I couldn’t burn enough cards from my hand to draw both cards with Octillery. If I was going to run a search Supporter in Gardy I’d probably rather have Skyla, it doesn’t necessitate having an Octillery in play and it always gives you what you want without hassle.

-1 Super Boost Energy

I implied in my last article that Super Boost might be a “win more” card, or in other words a card that only helps when you would have won regardless. After more testing, that assertion seems to be true. The games where 3 stage 2s get into play are almost all wins already, so I’d rather the slot go to a card that lets me get to that point.


The Additions

+2 Max Potion

With so much of the format these days revolving around 2 shots Max Potion lets you make your 230 HP Gardy last even longer. Also when setting up against Buzzwole early Max Potions let you remove excess spread damage. If you ever find yourself mid to late-game without a strong attack, consider using Twilight-GX to shuffle resources back. 2 Max Potion turning into 4 might just shut your opponent out of the game.

+1 Super Rod

With heavy Max Potion comes heavy Energy discard, having a second Rod means you won’t get shut out of a game due to lack of Energy. Also having more outs to shuffle back pieces of your Gardevoir line means more Gardys more often, what else could you ask for? Super Rod is another good Twilight GX target, allowing you to flood your deck with valuable resources.

+1 Parallel City

Almost every deck in the format has trouble functioning with only 3 bench spots. An early Parallel means a slower start from your opponent which means less early pressure you have to deal with. Additionally, most decks play 1-2 Parallel these days, so getting yours out first limits their ability to Parallel you.

New Matchups

Lucario Zoroark - Slightly Favorable

Lucario Zoroark sacrifices the 1 shot power and early game disruption of Lycanroc-GX for a much more robust attacker. For Gardy, this is nothing but good news, as your benched Ralts and Kirlia have a much higher chance of getting to Stage 2. When dealing with Lucario make sure not to hit it for more than 60, as anything else guarantees a free 1 shot with their GX attack. Poke with a 1 Energy Gardy while building up a large Gardy on your bench to finish the game with. Once again Gallade puts in work, killing Zoroark and forcing a specific set of cards to be killed by Lucario.

Lucario Lycanroc - Slightly Unfavorable

Lucario Lycanroc sacrifices some amount of consistency for Bloodthirsty Eyes, 1 of the best Abilities in the game. With early pressure and the ability to 1 shot Gardevoir, there’s no huge advantages you have. As always against Lycanroc you need to either minimize your bench or play Parallel in reverse. Limiting their bench is extremely strong too as most lists have Octillery, Regirock EX, and Rockruff filling up their bench. Try to weather the early storm, poke at Lucario with a 1 Energy Gardy, and don’t let your Gardevoir get taken down by Dangerous Rogue GX.

Ho-Oh Salazzle


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