Hey, what’s up guys? It is finally here: the long sought after Solgaleo-GX/Lurantis-GX tournament report and list that my Facebook has been blowing up over. This deck did work at the Anaheim Regional Championships and got me 14th place, barely missing top 8. This deck had excellent matchups across the board, as we talked about in the previous video. The goal of the deck is to hit hard with Solgaleo, then use the Lurantis to recharge Solgaleo after discarding all of my Energy. I did not play against a huge variety of decks because the meta was very streamlined in Anaheim. Shout outs to Ahmed Ali for creating the initial list, and to Rahul Reddy and Michael Slutsky for putting up with my terrible ideas until we found the right 60 for the tournament.

Here's a quick tournament report of my Anaheim Regionals:

Tournament Report

Round 1 – Darkrai/Garbodor

Like most tournaments I have played in this year, I lost round one. It was to a good friend of mine from Colorado playing Darkrai/Garbodor. I unfortunately prized 5 Metal Energy because I decided shuffling was not important for the first round of the tournament. He proceeded to beat me pretty badly in game one. My hands were always missing something. If I had one piece of the puzzle, I didn’t have the others.  I shuffled a few extra times and set up pretty well in game two. I got out my turn 2 Solgaleo, with 1 Cosmoem and a Fomantis on the bench, and was able to use my Sol Burst GX to power everyone up. He was not able to keep up with that start and lost game two. Game three began and I knew we did not have much time left so a tie was probably going to be the result.  He got a full setup and I got my Sol Burst GX on turn three instead of turn two, which put me a turn behind him the entire game. He set up his Garbodor and shut off my Ultra Road Ability, taking away any mobility I could have had. I played Float Stone, but couldn’t find them when I needed them and I lost on turn three of time.


Round 2 – Mega Mewtwo X/Carbink/Zygarde

I played against a brand new player who was a local of the area. He told me that he had no idea what to expect and was just there to have fun. I do not remember much about this match up except for I got out a Lurantis GX and use Solar Blade. He discarded an N with Ultra Ball at the beginning of the game, did not get a Shaymin and then proceeded to dead draw with the only Supporter played being Team Rocket’s Handiwork. This was a 2-0 win for me.


Round 3 – Turbo Dark

This round it was time for my redemption. I was up against Turbo Dark once again, but this time it did not play Garbodor. This is very good news for a Solgaleo deck, because you get to Ultra Road to your heart’s content and it is one less piece of the puzzle you need to find in order to get your setup. I got the turn two Sol Burst GX after he Lysandre’d and killed my first Cosmog. I attached the Energy to my active Solgaleo and charged up a Lurantis fully in order to threaten some kills on a Shaymin. I did not have any other Cosmog or Cosmoem out to charge up which was very unfortunate. I was able to take the first couple prizes with Solgaleo, then bring up the Lurantis to charge it and another Solgaleo back up. I had two fully charged Solgaleo with four prizes left and he still needed to take three more before winning the game. I used my Lysandres and KO’d a couple EXs and won game 1. Game two went even better for me because I got the perfect setup. Turn two Sol Burst GX with two Solgaleo and a Lurantis out. He could not keep up with the constant stream of 230 damage that I was doing and I won that game in five turns, making this a 2-0 match and bringing my record to…


Round 4 – Turbo Dark (again)

This round I played against a more casual player, so the surprise factor of my deck really helped out. He did not play Garbodor, which made this matchup a little more favorable. This was the round that I found out that Genesect EX had more utility than just against Glaceon EX. I was able to get the turn two Sol Burst GX to charge up one Solgaleo and the Genesect. Solgaleo took the first two prizes and then the Genesect had its turn to shine. I used the Genesect to two-shot the new Darkrai that became active because he did not have enough damage to one-shot me. While doing this, I was manually attaching to my Solgaleo on the bench. Genesect traded beautifully with a Darkrai and then I was just a Flower Supply and a Sunsteel Strike away from the final two prizes I needed. In game two, he had a little bit more knowledge about what I was doing, but it was too late. I got the perfect turn two setup with two Solgaleo out, both fully charged, and two Fomantis with an Energy each on them. It was a 2-0.


Round 5 – Tauros/Garbodor/Hammers

I was scared the entire time shuffling up that this was going to be the round against the opponent that was playing Volcanion and was going to crush my dreams. I was wrong about that assumption quickly, because he flipped over two Tauros GX at the beginning. It was a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that it was a very positive matchup instead of a terrible one. Game one he started using his Ultra Balls and discarding his Garbodor and Trubbish. That was the point when I knew he was completely unfamiliar with the matchup and it would take him a game or two to realize that Garbodor is really good against me especially backed with Hammers. I was able to Ultra Road and one-shot his Tauros all game and it was a quick game for me. Game two he was able to get the donk on my lone Cosmog after a quick draw and pass by me bringing it to 1-1. Game three was an extremely close game and his Hammers put in a lot of work slowing me down. My saving grace that game though was his Parallel City, reducing my damage from Flower Supply, making it so his Tauros would never have enough damage on it to use either of its rage attacks. I won that game in the end 2-1.


Round 6 – Yveltal/Umbreon/Garbodor

This round was when I picked up my second loss. It was a painful one knowing that there were plenty of outs that I could have gotten in game three. Game one ended the typical way that I lost many games, in that I was not able to get my full setup. This is expected of any stage two deck that needs multiple parts in order to get your setup. Game two was the same situation as game one, but instead of me dead drawing, it was him, and I was able to take that game in three turns. Game three was heartbreaking. He began the game by dead drawing and with N being the only supporter in my hand I decided not to play any knowing that I had the T2 Lurantis and would just need to attack twice in order to kill his lone Trubbish. I get the first Power Supply off and am just 30 damage from winning the game as he flips his top card, revealing Yveltal BKT. He begins to start setting up but is still top decking. I decide I still shouldn’t N because the lone Lurantis is still better than his field. He drew his next card and was a Sycamore. He proceeded to go off after that Sycamore and I was now behind because I only had a Lurantis and a Cosmoem out. I eventually got set up but a well-timed Dark Call GX paired with an N to two was enough to make me dead draw until he wiped my field. He got it 2-1


Round 7 – Turbo Dark (again, again)

This was a round against an Arizona native and someone I have played against and lost to numerous times in finals of League Cups. I knew that he always played Turbo Dark and was probably sticking with a very similar list. We sat down and he knew what I was playing so his demeanor was already down. It was an enjoyable light hearted match though. He was able to take quick prizes on some of my basics, but in the end I was still able to get set up and take the first game. Game two I took what I learned earlier about using the Genesect and put it into action once again. It was a little different this time though because I was able to bring up the Genesect and attach the fourth metal energy in order to deal 180 and one-shot a Darkrai that had an EXP Share on it. This was crushing to his board because he not only lost two Energy, but the EXP Share as well. He was not able to come back from that and it was a 2-0 match.


Round 8 – Mega Mewtwo

This was not a matchup that I ever tested, but it was one that I knew was favorable. I discard all my energies and have resistance to Psychic. I also one-shot Mega Mewtwo, so the worry of damage change is nonexistent. It was however against an excellent player in Pablo Meza. In game one, he was able to take advantage of my Cosmog being weak to Psychic and OHKO’d two of them before I could get a Solgaleo set up. He eventually ran out of Lysandres and I was able to Rare Candy both Solgaleo and use my Sol Burst GX to charge them up. After that, it was just a matter of if he would have the Lysandre to kill my benched Shaymin after killing one of the Solgaleo. He ended up not having it and I was able to win game one. Game two was very similar to game one because I stumbled early game he was able to capitalize and take a quick lead. We fought that game two to the wire and I ended up getting the win after a slight whiff on his part. 2-0


Round 9 – Yveltal/Garbodor

This round was gut-wrenching for me. I knew what decks were in my bracket and was hoping that I would not play against the one Volcanion that was there. I was lucky enough to not play against it but the name I saw was not one I wanted to. I played up to our newest member, Brad Curcio, who wanted to ID and guarantee a day 2 showing. I could not ID with him and had to play the match that was in my favor. Brad knew that this was not a favorable match up for him but he knew that Garbodor would be useful. He was able to get the Garbodor out and take an easy prize at the beginning of the game, but when he N’d me into a perfect hand, it was going to be too much for him. I got turn 2 double Solgaleo with a Lurantis. We quickly moved on to game two that was a little bit closer. I had to use my Glaceon to stall for an extra turn while I set up my Solgaleo he was no able to one-shot my Glaceon which gave me the time that I needed. That Glaceon was a liability later on in the game and Brad took advantage of that when he Lysandred and kill it along with a Shaymin to make the game closer than it needed to be. I pulled through though and won the round 2-0 securing my day two and my Worlds invite.


Round 10 – Vespiquen

I started out the day playing against Phinn Lynch and his unique Vespiquen deck. I knew that the matchup was not amazing, but that it was very winnable thanks to my Glaceon. He did not play Tauros and I knew that Glaceon would be able to dominate the game if I got it out. Game one my water energy was prized and I did not get it within my first two prizes. I went with the aggro Lurantis strategy after my initial Sol Burst GX. It kept me in the game long enough to make it a battle, but thanks to his Parallel City, I was never able to KO any of his Shaymin, which made the prize exchange miserable in every way. He eventually won the 35 minute game one. When game two finally started, I was able to fully charge up a Glaceon and Lurantis, but time was called before the game was even close to finished. I like to think that it would have been a very close game two and would have ended with me winning, but he got the win 1-0.


Round 11 – Yveltal/Garbordor

I played against Mark Garcia, the reigning San Jose Regional Champion and a close friend of mine. I luckily had the matchup advantage on him and we both knew it. This was a very close three game set that made me nervous. He won game one after my inconsistency got the better of me and he was running on all cylinders. Game two I was able to use the power of Genesect to win the game. He used his Team Flare Grunts, assuming that I was out of Metal Energy. To his surprise, I attached my final Metal Energy and was able to win the game on a Shaymin KO that was on the bench. Game three was an unfortunate way for him to end the match because he dead drew and I was able to take advantage and beat him on turn 3 of time. I won this match 2-1.


Round 12 – Mega Mewtwo

This was another match that took all three games for me to win it. During game one he played correctly and was able to kill all of my Cosmog because I could never get more than one out at a time. I quickly scooped after he killed two and I had another one prized. Moving on to game two, I know that if my deck is consistent then I will be favored in this match up. That is exactly what happened. Getting the turn two Solgaleo with a Lurantis and two Cosmoem was enough for me to make the game quick and not worry about time going into the third and final game. Thanks to time not being a factor, he and I were both able to think our plays through and play an excellent game. It went back and forth, neither of us hitting everything we needed, but also neither of us whiffing too badly. It came down to his final Sycamore with nine cards left in his deck. He needed the last Mega Mewtwo and the last Double Colorless in his deck. He had two cards left in his deck and one prize left. He was able to get the Mega Mewtwo but was not able to get the DCE that ended up being his last prize. I was able to bring up Solgaleo and win the game with one final Sunsteel Strike, making it a 2-1 victory for me.


Round 13 – Darkrai/Giratina

I once again played up against a very close friend who just wanted to ID so he was guaranteed top 8 and this was Kenny Britton, the eventual winner of the tournament. It was a bittersweet round because I knew that I would have to play against another friend that only needed an ID but I also knew that the matchup was in my favor. Game one did not go my way. It took a while for him to beat me thanks to Glaceon and Genesect taking hits and stalling for a little bit while trying to get set up. In the end, I just wasn’t able to get an attack off. Going into game two, Kenny is in the best possible spot he could be in. He knew that if he wins then he is guaranteed top 8 and if I ended up winning game two then the chances of us finishing a game three would be very slim. What he wasn’t expecting was that I would win game two in six very quick and easy turns for me. I was able to get two Solgaleo and a Lurantis charged up and wiped his board. In game three, we were still pressed on time because I did not scoop game one soon enough. I got the same exact setup game three as game two and it was my game to win. Time got called on my turn, making me turn zero instead of turn one which was the difference in this game. On turn four of time I showed Kenny the VS seeker for game knowing that it wouldn’t do any good, but just as a joke between friends. If I had one more turn I would have secured my spot in top 8 but because of the tie I had one more round to try and get it. 1-1


Round 14 – Mega Mewtwo

There were only two of us that were at 28 points, so we knew we were playing. It was versus Ryan Sabelhaus for the win-and-in. Ryan is an excellent player and played exactly how he needed to in order to beat me. In game one, I got into a very awkward situation because I only had one Solgaleo and one Lurantis out when I was ready to use Sol Burst. I decided that using Sol Burst to attach 4 Energy separated between a Lurantis and a Solgaleo was not going to help me win. I would save the GX attack for later in the game when he would forget it was an option. Instead, I retreated into my Lurantis and started charging up my Solgaleo that way. Luckily enough, he also had a relatively slow start. I charged up two Solgaleo with Lurantis and was able to take four prizes off of them. At the end of the game it was a matter of setting up my Glaceon or setting up a Solgaleo. If he had Lysandre the Glaceon was the correct play, but if he did not then the Solgaleo was. I used N and used Flower Supply to my Solgaleo, hoping for the best. He ended up drawing the final Lysandre and winning that extremely long game one. Game two was another game in which I got destroyed thanks to inconsistency. My deck knew that the writing was on the wall and decided Ryan deserved his spot in top 8, beating me 2-0



I unfortunately could not reach top 8 and take down the entire tournament, but getting 14th was not a bad placement for such a rogue deck going into the tournament. I was able to walk away with $500 and my Worlds invite, making the weekend one that was worthwhile. I played against some top caliber players throughout both days of the tournament and some went well while others did not. Once again thank you to Ahmed for playing the initial list against Azul on his stream that sparked my interest in the deck, and to Rahul and Michael for working on the list with me.


Solgaleo GX/Lurantis GX


  • 4 Cosmog
  • 2 Cosmoem
  • 3 Solgaleo GX
  • 2 Formantis
  • 2 Lurantis GX
  • 1 Genesect EX
  • 1 Glaceon EX
  • 2 Shaymin EX ROS


  • 4 Professor Sycamore
  • 3 N
  • 2 Lysandre
  • 4 VS Seeker
  • 4 Ultra Ball
  • 4 Trainers' Mail
  • 4 Rare candy
  • 2 Level Ball
  • 2 Float Stone
  • 2 Super Rod


  • 7 Metal Energy
  • 4 Grass Energy
  • 1 Water Energy

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