What’s going on Some1spc Readers, it’s me Israel and I'm back with another article for you. It's been a month since my last article but today I will be discussing a few things for NAIC. I’ve recently been on break but have been testing a decent amount for this tournament. So here’s what I have planned for today:

I.Testing Rogue
II.Solgaleo GX
III.Return of the King
IV.Patch City v2

Testing Rogue

If there's a tournament that you play something outside the box, this is the tournament. Every Nationals there's always a deck that comes out of nowhere and sometimes makes it all the way to the finals. The biggest one that I could highlight is the Wailord deck that made a splash into the format in 2015. No one expected or even knew about the deck and it performed extremely well throughout the tournament. Last year Passimian and Ninetails were the decks I guess you can call rogue because no one had it on their radar. This year who knows what will make an impact as a rogue idea, but I’m sure there’s something cooking out there that can beat the top three decks of Malamar, Zoroark and Buzzwole. In the meantime, I'll show you what I’ve been toying with for the last couple of weeks as a possible option for me at NAIC if I don't like anything else since I have nothing to lose or gain in this tournament. Before I get to the list, I want to mention that it's going to be a brief overview of the list, card options and the matchups to the top three decks.

Solgaleo GX                 

Why this deck? To be honest, I have no idea, but I like the fact that it has 250 hp and only a small number of Pokémon can hit this number. I also like the fact that it one-shots pretty much anything in the format which is a plus. The list I’m going to provide is what I’m currently using for the 60 Cards tournament but it’s still in the works and I’ll give you a rough sketch of the build.

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