As we bask in the glow of the rising of Sun & Moon, we are once again refreshed with the warmth of a new set. Although we still have to account for yesterday’s top decks (Darkrai Turbo, M Rayquaza, M Gardevoir, Volcanion, etc.), there is nothing like cracking a window open and letting some fresh air into a stale Standard format. With the recent drought of an impactful set, we’ve all been waiting for something to quench our thirst. What better way to do so, than by diving into a revised classic: Waterbox.

Table of Contents

I.The Perfect Storm – Exploring Lapras-GX
II.All Hands on Deck – The Decklist and Key Card Choices

The Perfect Storm

Although nothing can replace the tried and true Seismitoad-EX, Sun & Moon has given us Lapras-GX to try and fill the void this archetype has been lacking since the latest rotation. In order to understand why this card is capable of reviving this deck, we need to first explore each of its attacks:


If we can’t item lock then we might as well draw cards. For a single Water Energy, we can draw three cards from our deck and help set ourselves up for the next turn. This alone can help us out of situations where we don’t want to discard resources via Sycamore or waste our Shaymin-EX too early into the game. It can also force our opponent to play N in spots where they want to Sycamore which, in turn, lets us conserve our own Ns so that we can use to control our opponent if they take an early KO. Additionally, if we still draw dead off a Collect, our opponent will still be inclined to N us due to the sheer amount of cards in our hand. Overall, this attack adds a level of consistency to this deck that we haven’t seen in many cards as of late.

Blizzard Burn

The haymaker attack of this deck. For three energy we do 160 damage to our opponent’s Pokémon for the mild drawback of Lapras not being able to attack next turn. Sure, three energy can be annoying to power up, but with the help of Max Elixir, Energy Switch and Palkia-EX we can consistently hit a turn two Blizzard Burn. The problem then lies in being able to spam this haymaker over and over since Lapras will no longer be able to attack the next turn. We can solve this problem by utilizing cards such as Manaphy-EX, Olympia, Switch, Escape Rope, or Pokémon Ranger. Each of these cards can easily find their place in this deck and I’ll go over which cards are best to use later in this article. With that said, this attack can put some serious pressure on our opponent and allows us to follow up with a KO from our supporting cast of Pokémon.

Ice Beam GX

For 3 energy, Ice Beam freezes our opponent in their tracks for a turn by paralyzing their active Pokémon and dealing 100 damage. This attack is either the game ender or the momentum changer. Our opponent must have a switch card outside of Float Stone in order to get out of this situation or they will go through the motions of a rather uneventful turn; aka the calm before the storm. I say this because if they fail to rid themselves of Paralysis, we will knock them out during our next turn by utilizing Blizzard Burn. Regardless of how amazing this attack is, the timing of its execution is crucial. If we want to use it as a game ender, we will have to keep a close eye on our opponents switch card utility. We will have to wait until their resources are low enough for us to stick the Paralysis on their active Pokémon at a higher percentage. On the other hand, if we use this attack as a momentum changer, we will have to risk it for the biscuit since we will be facing a board state that is unfavorable to us. This attack will be the game defining moment where we’ll be able to see if we can mount a comeback. Overall, Lapras-GX offers a variety of attacks that make it possible to revive this archetype. By altering the tools used and the supporting cast just a smidge, we’re able to create a deck that can be formidable in this yet to be defined meta. So without further ado, let’s dive into this Decklist!

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