Hey all Some1PC Elite readers, it has been a little while since I talked about anything except for Wailord in the Expanded format. Although I still think that Wailord is an amazing deck I am running out of things to discuss with you. I love that deck and am proud to say I finished in the Top 32 with it at Dallas Regionals. I, unfortunately, hit a lot of Bunnelby techs during Day Two and was very close to not making it in the Top 32. Luckily I was able to take down a couple of the Zoroark/Golisopod decks to secure the Top 32 spot. With Dallas behind us and a Standard tournament that featured Ultra Prism being as exciting as it was, it is time to turn our eyes back on Expanded for the Costa Mesa Regionals.  I decided that I would give you guys another deck that is extremely fun to play and does not play Zoroark! The deck that I am talking about and that I am considering playing for Costa Mesa Regionals is Aerodactyl with Gallade.

I know that you guys might think that I’m messing with you and that it clearly is not a good deck, but I can assure you that is a very reliable contender for this new Expanded format. This is a deck that Michael Canaves and Grafton Roll played at Toronto Regionals and I believe both got a Day Two finish with it. The deck never got popular however because it just was not consistent enough for most players and people treated it more as a gimmick rather than a real contender in the format. Well, times have changed and we have added new cards to the deck and even changed the dynamic of the deck. The deck used to only play one Basic Pokémon and four Talonflame as you will see with this list, mine is a lot different than that. With all the Zoroarks running around the format has shifted in a way that makes Gallade even better than it has been before. The new card that was added to this deck making it more consistent than it has ever been being Order Pad. Before I start talking about this deck and why I play some cards and a couple of the matchups I just want you guys to know that this is not a deck that you just want to look at the list and be done with. Knowing how to play the deck is very important to be successful with it. Not necessarily because it is a hard deck to play but because you need to be confident in the decisions you are making.

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