Hello, Some1sPC readers, this is Franco here with another article for you all. In this article, I’ll be writing about the Garchomp & Giratina-GX/Malamar deck that Takuya, Sho, and myself used at the World Championship this year, as well as share the logic behind the list and the purpose for each card. I personally think that Malamar is a very strong archetype post-rotation if it sets up, and it also has good answers to a lot of the rogue decks, which was one of the key factors why we decided to play it for Worlds. In the end, Takuya was able to make Day 2 but Sho and I fell one win short. In the end, we thought it was still a solid Day 1 deck.  Since it is a Malamar deck that requires setup and utilizes a single-prize attacker for the most part, the deck actually takes some time to close out the match, so it may not be the most optimal deck in a format of best two-out-of-three. There are quicker tempo decks out there and you can still have a bad start that won’t give you sufficient time to close out the series, which can lead into a tie. That being said, I still think the deck can do well in tournaments like Challenges and League Cups where most of the matches are best of one, so that was one of the reasons why I decided to write this article, along with sharing the reasoning behind each of the cards and why we only play X-amount of copies in the deck, and etc.  So hopefully this article can help you or inspire you in some shape in the future.



Over the past months, from testing and gathering information from several other testing groups I’ve come to conclusion that whether you play the version of pure Psychic Malamar, Garchomp & Giratina-GX, or even with Ultra Necrozma-GX, there seems to be a series of staple cards that most of the versions share as skeleton. The following cards are ones I've determined should be played by the majority of Malamar decks, regardless of the version:

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