What is going on Some1spc readers! I know it has been a while since we’ve last connected. Trust me, it sucks for me as well. I am here now and I am too pumped to be sharing with you all my poke-thoughts for the upcoming regional.

The next regional championship is a unique one and an important one, for that matter. This will be the first regionals on the west coast and the first expanded regional. Portland regional will be the first regionals for most players based in the west coast. Earlier in the year, TPCI announced the regional championship schedule. As a player from the west coast, I was pretty shocked to see that we lost one of the western regional championships from last year. This puts a burden on the players around this side of the country because it gives us fewer opportunities to attend these high points tournaments. Although we don’t know the invite structure, it is safe to assume that every tournament counts. Did I mention that this is the first expanded tournament? Oh yes- yes it is. The west is also notorious for its expanded tournaments. Personally, I haven’t kept much with the standard format since the World Championships because I have been geared up for the Portland metagame. I have actually had good results in expanded tournaments in the past. This includes my latest placement of top 8 in the 2018 Utah Regional Championships. So it brings me great joy to deliver this piece for you all and hope that I can give a little more insight of the expanded metagame and what I think are decks to stay away and lean on.

The last expanded regional championship in the US was Roanoke, VA. It is worthy to note that the expanded format has had some major reformations. This includes several sets that have been added in the mix and the newly banned cards- Ghetsis, Hex Maniac, Wally, and Puzzle of Time. These changes have shaken up the expanded meta-game. In the past, it seemed to be a triangle of three decks- Zoroark, Buzzwole, and Garbodor- that really lead the expanded format. However, these new changes really took a hit on most decks and opened up new decks to enter the format. Let’s take a look at the strategies of these old decks and examined what took a hit and what it looks like moving forward.

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