Hello Some1spc readers, it’s Israel and I’m back again with another article. I just wrote an article last week about Lucario and since my schedule is jammed with a lot of stuff like school and work, I decided to write one in the beginning of May so I don't feel stressed to write another article in the month. Today I will not be talking about Salt Lake City Regionals or Toronto Regionals since the format is already established and I’m also finding the current Standard format a little bit boring, I decided to write about an Expanded idea for Roanoke to give you some additional info about the format we are approaching, so let's look at the agenda for today’s reading:

I.Gucci Gang Update
II.Card Choices

Gucci Gang

So after looking at the new set, I  noticed a lot of hype for Buzzwole and the new Beast Ring Item they get. So I  was thinking about how I can bypass this issue and play around the card. Unfortunately, you can't do it in Standard but you can for Expanded. We have stuff like Item lock, Ghetsis and endless things to prevent it from coming out but the one card that gets around it fully is none other than Dusknoir!

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